Sunday, December 27, 2009

wow, is it over?

It's over...i can tell by the load of laundry on my bed waiting to be put away.....It seems all fun ends with my laundry...which is why it's almost always in baskets! UGH!

We got shauna home...and she remains precious! Molly was thrilled, as were all of us, and she brought a new cooking technique to us from a french girlfriend, which also was embraced and to become a part of our traditions...the pumpkin soup poured over roasted nuts, and mulled wine were both delicious & health conscience. For the first time in forever?? My time was not all spent in the kitchen...she LIVED in there! YAY! Hattin the Cat...who moved back to the ozarks after being too pent up in a studio apt..was more than thrilled to have her home!

Christmas morning was full of molly presents and fun....Molly just doesn't rip thru paper, she wants to play with or try on each gift as it is given....she opened her new coat first, and it remained on for most of the morning!

As well it should, given the fact that we actually had a white Christmas!! This is also something very uncommon in these parts (missouri) but more than welcome! Grandpa and Sarge couldn't wait to get at it!

We usually just get gifts for the kids, but Grandma & Pa surprised us with something I've been looking at all season, but just couldn't justify spending the money on....what a surprise that it was a gift for grandpas best buddies, Hattin and Lucifer! A cat tower!!Shoulda figured!!

Or maybe he just got it for them, to get them off of their favorite place to stay...on HIS BED!!

Then, we travelled back to Spg, to see the boys albeit too short of time, as we had to hustle girl-child back to the airport.....I did get the rare opportunity to have them all in the same room at the same time. Merry Christmas, Mommy!!

The hardest part to my "little angel" was letting go of all her siblings. Molly keeps pretty good control of herself, and really tries hard to act appropriately....but there were no holds barred when we had to say goodbye. She screamed all the way from gabes to the airport...finally stopping with the vocals, but still shaking her hands...and then it started all over when she saw shauna gathering her bags to run into the airport. Daddy had to make an emergency McDonald's nothing soothes the tortured soul in Molly's eyes, then some Mickey D's French Fries!! *whew* It's ok Molly...momma feels the same way!

I'll leave yall with 'dare-devil' baby...Aubrey is at her Peak in the getting-into-trouble phase! Hope Your Christmas was as good as mine, and that you have less laundry to put away!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Guys...we're doing a mid-week update, because my kid is SUCH a HOOT!

Last night was the Christmas Pageant...grades 2 and 3. Very well put together, and adorable! I dropped Molly off at her room, and asked the teach (after seeing no aides were around) if i needed to stay? or go get a seat.....Teach takes me out to the hall....just giggling. She says "nope, the only trouble we've been having with her is she keeps grabbing the mike, and saying this longggggggg story!" She told me it was too cute....but other than that, she's good with the group, knows where she needs to be, and knows all the songs! YAY!

So, she's up on stage singing her songs..and there are 3 mike stands at the front. 4 kids each line up behind each mike stand, and say their parts of a little play. Then we see it. Behind the middle mike...Molly has assumed a position at the end of the line of kids.

(this is their adorable little costumes...and the infamous microphone. Molly is just behind the little boy in green sonic shirt, in the middle)

Cmas Pgnt 1

The last kid says his part...and then molly steps up......(at this point I'm thinking God Bless Music Teachers Everywhere!!!) She motions to molly the "Hurry Up" sign language, and starting with a wee voice, and then clearing her non-verbal daughter reaches her mouth up to the mike and says....

"bub bub.....bub bub bub"

And then turns around to take her spot on the riser.

HILLARIOUS!!!! and everyone enjoyed her ending remarks!! The sarge almost pooped em and I was rolling.

Just cuz you're not a big conversationalist...doesn't mean you can't be the star of the show!


(this is her...her costume now on the floor in front of her....standing next to "Bobert" who continues to be the main man in her life at school)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A whole MONTH???

It's been a whole MONTH??? Ohhhhhhhhhh I'm not winning any prizes for sure! HA!

I think Facebook has alot to do with it...we can update in real time now...not a bunch of recapping needing to be done...and EVERYONE i know is on FB, except YOU, PAMMY AND STEPHANIE!! FOR SHAME! hahahahah!!

Lets see, we left off with Vets day...went right into Thanksgiving, where everyone but shauna made it home and ate BIG! Those boys can still put away more food than any 12 of your men, and I spent most of the day in the kitchen!

Allyson and Gabe brought wonderful pies and smoked briskit from the new barbeque place Ally's managing, ("Whole Hog" for those of you in Springfield) as WELL as my grandbaby! Aubrey Jo stayed with "mom mom" for a few days after, as the kids had to return to work. Her stays with us are the highlights of all of our lives....and let me tell ya, it takes 4 adults and one Aunt to keep up with her 17 month old, busy-body self.



Bill and Angela also came loaded with new movies and lots of fun!! Ok, maybe some of it wasn't THAT fun for bill...but Gabe seem to enjoy himself! UGH!


We had a little bout with bronchitis and molly, but we're able to muscle through it at home with NO PNEUMONIA, and no hospital stay. YAY! So that took up some time and energy. Molly wants nothing to do with getting well..she will fight you every drop of medicine,(we always wear part of the dose) or has to be hogtied to be nebulized.

fighting the nebulizer

We're done with that, all the Christmas cards are in the mail, and the presents secured....and for the first time this month, I feel like i can sit and breathe easy! We did get to see the Christmas parade here in West Plains (mom and dad really like parades) and even though molly was JUST getting over her bout of lung-crap....her and mom just HAD to stand out there for a bit, in a cold rain, and cheer on the participants! (and get candy)


The rest of the month has had some really good news for my other moms and friends online...i know I've asked for prayers for these families...and thought i'd update them for a sec!

Renee Garcia has her little Reece's Rainbow baby, adopted and at home now WELCOME HOME KELSEY!! (also with DS, like molly and renee's daughter Kennedy!)....and Nicki's Ashey, who had a relapse in her Leukemia??? Is cancer free as of latest scans, but continues to keep up with the protocol to keep her that way. Ben?? Amy's Ben? The wonder child-chef, and Keeper of the Love... also has had scans recently and continues to be free of the KEEP UP THE PRAYERS....i see them working everyday. Prayers to all that continue the fight.

Shauna will be coming home for Christmas (barring anymore snow storms pounding the east coast) and we're THRILLED!! She arrives Wednesday in Springfield! Molly has a party Monday, as well as a program Mon Night, 1/2 day of school on Tuesday, and then Christmas break begins here! IM SO EXCITED!!

I just love this time of year....and not in the tradional way...there is not a load of presents under the tree but just one "something special" for each of the kids...but really, that's all. We all have everything we could ever need or want... and the whole commercial part is avoided as much as possible.

Part of the reason??? working in retail....part of it happened when we had nothing....but lately??? its just another one of the very wonderful things about having a child like Molly. She has some stuff to open, for sure (she loves the whole tearing of the paper thing) but isn't easily impressed by what we can buy. Holidays to her mean getting to see all her sibs and her niece with a dash of rough housing, laughing, sharing meals and hugs! She's a different child when surrounded by the love that is radiated by my older children and those that love them. I so appreciate each and every one of them...they are all OUTSTANDING young adults and make me PROUD!

So this is a short update, but we wanted to wish you a Molly Christmas!! She knows the real reason for the season, likes to take a quiet drive and just be in awe of the Christmas lights, and rejoices in the love of her family.

Know that we count you all among our blessing this season....Family, Friends and moms like me!!

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Veteran's Day

We had a very special Vets Day in our little town....for two reasons

My dad was here


Andy Ingalsbe got to come home....He's our local teacher who also serves, i think he was on his 4th tour, when he caught enemy fire right in the gut. We were sooooo scared as they could not even get him stabilized to get to Germany for awhile. He finally made it there, and then on to Walter Reed where they have got him all patched up and on the road to total recovery!

He's home till Dec 3, and then has to return to Walter Reed for more follow up surgery. GOOD LUCK ANDY!!

we started with a parade...and an Airman (Mr. Garrett) came over to stand with mom and i, telling us about all his sons who were also airman!! He was also proud of the fact that he could still wear the uniform...too cute!


And of course, besides a flyover, the parade started out with the troops!


And J Peterman of the sheriff's office! (he used to play basketball with my kids at fairview, and his mom works with me)


and bands and cars and horses and was one of the biggest Vets parade we've ever had!!

Of course, we had to put dad on a float..

Then on to the big luncheon! We were met by a handsome marine, who helped mom out when she needed it most...I don't know who you are...but THANK YOU!!

the Marine that saved mom

Inside i was happy to see Coach Don and Bonnie Long. They helped raise my kids, both being teachers at Fairview, Don teaching the kids to reach far beyond what they thought they could achieve. Bonnie commented on how Shauna HATED running long distance and giggled at the fact that she was now a marathoner, and told me her Luke (shaunas class) had just finished an Iron Man Triathalon! WTG LUKE!! Bonnie is Andy's wife's Sister.

Coach Don & Bonnie Long (sister in law to Andy)

And another shout out and thanks to this young man, who made sure dad got on the float, and then stayed with him till he was seated at the dinner. I should know him, and my heart shuttered when I saw him later gather with all the Purple Heart Receipients. God Bless


Inside a GENERAL made the presentation of Andy's Purple Heart ....He was explaining to us that this was such an honor for HIM, as usually he just puts the medals on the soldiers pillows as they evac this point? He quietly broke down, and all of us cried for all the soldiers. Obviously he had placed many purple hearts on many pillows but didn't get to have too many ceremonies after that.

It was a very moving meeting.


He immediately turned the show over to Andy's original recruiter, and long-time friend, who actually made the presentation.

The original recruiter/friend

God Bless you All

One of many decorated for the day

all the photos from the day, awesome especially if you love old cars and Harley Davidsons...are here:


On to family news!! The little sonogram was from my newest (#2) grandbaby who is on the way! He/She will be here the first week in April and i hope to be able to tell you next week, what colors i will be buying...PINK OR BLUE!! Thanks Gabe & Ally for keeping my MOM-MOM title in use!!

Shauna has decided to sign up for the Boston Marathon, ALSO in APRIL! So that's going to be a huge month for us....after this december of course..SHE'S COMING HOME!! Having my kids home for the holidays is all i ever want!! Speaking of which, i think im going to set the tree up today.....I KNOW!!!! can't help it...too exciting for miss molly!

The boys are here hunting deer at camp, and i was SUPPOSE to be baby sitting miss Aubrey Jo, but the work schedule didn't work we anxiously are awaiting our next visit. Molly gets up every morning looking for details of the day...and if it's "no school" day?? the first thing she does is bring me a pic of Aubrey Jo...telling me she wants to do a road trip!! She loves that baby girl obsessively! (just like mom-mom)

Hopefully, i'll be able to post some camp pics next week, with big ole bucks hanging from the it stands? All hunters are skunked, and the inaugural chili pot is empty. The deer are winning!! (we had to turn the air on today...that could have something to do with it..hahahahaha)Don't worry boys...there is a front moving in, lots of rain and cold wind, and I'm sure that will bring the deer out!!

Have a great week!! and remember to Thank a Veteran if you get the opportunity!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


i KNOW!! my life AGAIN got out of control, and my puter is beginning that three-year-old slow down, as well as the sattelite being out from the blogging has not been at the top of my priority list! I am sure it will be very frustrating to do today, so bear with me....and btw, ??? who is using a MAC??? do send me notes as i may be leaning that way this time around.

ok..last time i was telling you how the trees hadn't changed it's done! We had a week of cool, rainy (understatement...more like flooding/dangerous/water rescues)and windy weather, so most of the leaves have peaked and are now blanketing the ground.




THEN I went to Phoenix to meet up with my girlfriends...we do this once a year, and for most of us it's the only weekend away from our special kids we get. My first time was reallyyyyyyyyyyy hard to do, but now i look forward to that weekend every year. To make things perfect, i left the cool, rainy, autumn, and flew right into a 100 degree summer. Mo was the perfect hostest with her awesome home, wonderful family, and inground pool/hottub. And I'm not going to say we party all the time, but i will say, no matter where we are, as long as we're together? It's a Party! I LOVE YOU SISTAHS!! THANK YOU!


2009 girls

Got home just in time to greet my parents. Sis Patty Ann, Hubby Dale, and the standard foo foo poodle followed them on the drive down (from colo spgs) We got a day to spend together and I watched as my BIL marveled at the quiet of the Ozarks woods.



The next weekend? Both the Boys, and Angela and Aubrey Jo popped in for a surprise weekend visit!! YAY!! While they were here, we tracked shauna running the Marine Corp Marathon that sunday morning! She finished with a 3:37!! That qualifies her to run in the BOSTON!! although beings it's in april...i think we'll be shooting for Boston in 2011! WTG SHAUNA~! (pics to come later!)


and now?? ITS TRICK OR TREAT TIME!! Molly and i are on our way to town (i think the continuous crappy weather has squashed a trip to the pumpkin patch)to get one jack o latern, and then off to the Trunk or Treat tonight...Yesterday was the school party!


Our other gfriend at school, was a real rockstar, complete with wireless mike! cracked me UP!


In case you were wondering...molly still has a red-headed boyfriend



So...that's what Ive been up to, and why Im not at the puter...I have definitely not been
bored ........but seriously? Am looking forward to a little bit of it!

Monday, October 05, 2009

equine therapy...first day

flikno jeans (she won't wear them)
no boots (sketcher croc's)
no idea of whats coming:

Horse Lady "Does she talk?"

me: "not much...the words are there but she rarely uses them"

H.L. "Molly would you like to touch the horses nose?"

M "no, thank you"

"Would you like to help me saddle the horse?"

"no, thank you"

first day 6

"you have to wear a helmet"


"Would you like to walk up a step ladder and get on the horse?"

"no, thank you"

"How about if dad helps you on a ramp?"

first day 7

Now, molly's fav noise to make when she's riding anything is
whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (from little bear) but everytime
she gets excited on the horse? He STOPS! WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

first day 4

"you only say whoa if you want the horse to stop, tell the horse to stop"

"stop, horse"

"wook! me! Dah-ey!"

first day 2

the sarge had his hand on the saddle as he walked beside her, after about 5 minutes?

"no dah-ee" she removed his hand..."go, horse"

first day 0

Mrs Roberts from school was there working out her pony, as was a little barrel racer girl...everytime they trotted by us?? SHE WOULD WAVE!! AND SAY HI!!! (miraculous...she doesn't even wave at ME!)

first day of horse therapy

So that was the first day...we only rode for about a half hour, and she dismounted perfectly! Tomorrow? Mommy's gonna go find a couple pair of ropers (mommy had her crocs on, too...EW!)

Oh and then Amy Ostertag's butt called me!! GREAT KARMA DAY!!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Guess what????

Great week here! We did NOTHING!! (i love those kind of weekends) Just a drive yesterday to scope out Risner Stables...Molly will start horse therapy there tomorrow!! YAY! We've already warned them, the only thing negative about molly and horses? TRYING TO GET HER OFF!! I swear, i have to take her AND the saddle!! Wish us luck!

I'm seeing all sorts of fall photos online...and am confused...we are in pre-fall here, and have had our first weekend of cool weather. By cool, i mean I'm only running the fans right now! Our leaves have only just started to turn. Took the puppies out for a run around the property this morning, and can only find one bush turning red.


This is the backside of our property...maybe one tree is trying now, but soon? it will be spectacular!

My folks are prepping for the move back here! HURRY!! you don't want to miss the big leaf show! And speaking of them HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! They celebrated their 61st on the 2nd...and we're hoping they dont find out that Barrack and Michelle's was on the 3RD! ha!


Had a better week as far as the Autism thing...Got alot of responses from a dual diagnosis group i signed up on. These parents have got kids from 0 to 20yrs old...and are a wealth of information and Joy! this is the story of one of the moms in there, and her beautiful daughter.

for the record? SHE WON! She is now the homecoming queen, and gives me more hope for the future of my own precious daughter. This mom is also dealing with early onset Altzheimer's in addition to the DS and the ASD, so not only does she inspire hope, but slapped me with the 'COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS' hand.

I'm counting down to a little getaway to Phoenix that happens in 2 weeks! I have a group of moms, with kids with DS molly's age...and they are wonderful women. They share so much of my humor and love for life. We've been close since molly's dx, before she was born, and fly in once a year to play and chat. No kids, no dads...just girls.

texas meet:

arizona meet:

vegas baby:

I just don't know how i would survive without my "sistahs" and this once a year habit. Thanks, Sarge (and teachers) for making this happen for me!

??? the guess what????? oh that is a new addition to the blog....

guess what??? (or should i say who??)

Baby2 9-22-09