Sunday, October 04, 2009

Guess what????

Great week here! We did NOTHING!! (i love those kind of weekends) Just a drive yesterday to scope out Risner Stables...Molly will start horse therapy there tomorrow!! YAY! We've already warned them, the only thing negative about molly and horses? TRYING TO GET HER OFF!! I swear, i have to take her AND the saddle!! Wish us luck!

I'm seeing all sorts of fall photos online...and am confused...we are in pre-fall here, and have had our first weekend of cool weather. By cool, i mean I'm only running the fans right now! Our leaves have only just started to turn. Took the puppies out for a run around the property this morning, and can only find one bush turning red.


This is the backside of our property...maybe one tree is trying now, but soon? it will be spectacular!

My folks are prepping for the move back here! HURRY!! you don't want to miss the big leaf show! And speaking of them HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! They celebrated their 61st on the 2nd...and we're hoping they dont find out that Barrack and Michelle's was on the 3RD! ha!


Had a better week as far as the Autism thing...Got alot of responses from a dual diagnosis group i signed up on. These parents have got kids from 0 to 20yrs old...and are a wealth of information and Joy! this is the story of one of the moms in there, and her beautiful daughter.

for the record? SHE WON! She is now the homecoming queen, and gives me more hope for the future of my own precious daughter. This mom is also dealing with early onset Altzheimer's in addition to the DS and the ASD, so not only does she inspire hope, but slapped me with the 'COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS' hand.

I'm counting down to a little getaway to Phoenix that happens in 2 weeks! I have a group of moms, with kids with DS molly's age...and they are wonderful women. They share so much of my humor and love for life. We've been close since molly's dx, before she was born, and fly in once a year to play and chat. No kids, no dads...just girls.

texas meet:

arizona meet:

vegas baby:

I just don't know how i would survive without my "sistahs" and this once a year habit. Thanks, Sarge (and teachers) for making this happen for me!

??? the guess what????? oh that is a new addition to the blog....

guess what??? (or should i say who??)

Baby2 9-22-09


Maria in Mass. said...

OMG!!! Molly going to be aqn aunt again??? Aubrey Jo a big sis????
Please message me who the baby is via FB!!!!!
That's so cool and CONGRATS!!!!
Did you get the pumpkins??? We are going next week!


Maria said...

OOPS! *an*

Moonfairy said...

Aubrey's little sister?!?!

luvmypeanut said...

Yes I want to know whose baby that is!!

And check out Judi in that first pic - busting out the cleavage! You go girlfriend! LOL