Sunday, September 27, 2009

we're bacccccccccck

so sorry for the delay...we survived the first season sickness, nothing now but tired girls, molly is still a little congested, and mama has a hack! The sarge managed to escape the first bug!

We're getting very excited about Shauna's run...she is doing a full marathon on Oct 24th. I don't know how she does it...she's run halfs..made a 70 mile bike ride, been rock climbing, AND works 40plus! WOWSER...she continues to amaze me daily.

2009 rock climbing

shauna rock climbing

The weekend before last, we finally got a visit at gabe's house (illness had prevented from seeing our favorite little girl grandbaby) and had a great time. Little Bill and angela came up and we all showed the waitresses at the Belgium Waffle House, exactly why they should have bigger tables!! It was gorgeous outside, so we just hung in the yard and played for awhile...Gabe is an avid golfer he worked on his swing:

gabe working on his swing

Aubrey Jo took a swing too!

aubrey jo working on HER swing

Molly Kate is perfectly content in her role as Aunt Molly. We can't be there enough in her eyes.

girls at gabes

It never ceases to amaze me, at the speed in which my little boys grew up.

gabe, bill and ellie

My stylin' Daughter-in-law to be and i ran to get some girl time...kinda made gabe mad as it was HIS birthday!! hahahaha but THIS momma knows how it is to work full time, while being a mom, and that sometimes? we need a little shop time to balance. Poor Gabe, he's working 40, STILL A FULL TIME STUDENT, and doing the daddy duties! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABE!

allyson stylin

It all worked out for him though, as while we were off on a girls day....Someone else was watching the girls....although watching the girls usually involves in ALL watching the chiefs play football...Good thing both the girls are BIG SPORTS FANS!! :-)

Sarge and his little girls

I have to close with a pet...Goofy Hatten the Cat, who was rehomed to us from DC (we call him the city kitty) is having some identity problems....any OTHER cat in the world comes when you call "here kitty kitty"....not this one...

He has also attached himself to the when we need him to come home? Larry just whistles and slaps the side of his leg!! And yes, the city kitty has been Hillbillized...he has a hidey hole in the briars by the sheep.

I think we are off to the pumpkin patch today....we had a picnic yesterday in Linn, Missouri...and ended up FREEZING!! I actually ran into to buy jackets! Funny thing about molly.....Linn is a small town and only had a Family Dollar to shop in. Since it was raining, and we would be stuck under a pavillion, instead of at the playcenter...i invited her to go pick out a toy. She moseyed up and down the aisles, finger on chin, surveying all that was available....and what did she pick out?

A 100 count package of styrofoam coffee cups!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh got to love the autistic child. THE most fun she could think of having??? STEM STACKING!!

Have a Great Week!!!

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