Sunday, September 13, 2009

first week of school?? first bugs come home

And now we know why molly was acting out. Oh. she wont run a fever, but she will tell you to "hush". Rumor has it this week, she used the phrase "Bite it!" Not one that we use around here, so I'm thinking she's picking up some new stuff on the bus!
(or she's trying to say 'QUIET!')

She had an upper respitory infection....started as a virus and went haywire, although im pleased to say we fixed her up at home. Now we can hope that her peers will forgive her. Our children, because they cannot express sickness or self-diagnose, have only one response to being ill......ACTING OUT!! I swear....if she refuses to do her work at school, the first thing we should do is take her temp!

So she brought the bug home to mommy. I had to leave work Wed, was off Thurs & to the doc, and after a shot AND anti-bi's in pill form.... Sat morning I woke up with a raging migraine....first one i've had in a year....and probably related to my virus. THANKS MOLLY....i love the way she brings these things home to share. To those that know me IRL.....i was not able to even drink coffee yesterday! NO LIE!

The sarge just left to work out of town all day (something he was worried about doing given my current health situation) and i just realized he took my wallet, with drivers license and all my cards with him! EEK! I had packed the vehicle to go to springfield this weekend, not knowing that those plans were about to be thwarted.

Soooooooooo even if i wanted to go get milk today (oh yea, molly's newest behavior at home is taking gallons of anything, uncapping them, and pouring them down the sink) i can't. That's ok, as i don't think im up to driving yet...we are heartsick over missing a chance to see Ally, Gabe and Itty Bit...but i just can't chance infecting them, too.

Poor miss molly is surely getting tired of being at home, and REALLY disappointed at not seeing her favorite neice! Gabe called today, and molly actually answered the phone, said "hello" and then?? "Aubrey Jo!"

She's been busy dismantling the house, and trying on the new fall collection (while unloading the chest with winter accessories in it!) Cracks me up that her glasses always fit better upside down...not much of a bridge there to hold them up!

molly outfit2

I'm going to take this time to regain control of my realm, and prepare for a better week! We have been ignoring all the housework as Bill and Angela were home last weekend...had lots of fun just hangin'...and having pillow fights!

pillow fight2

We were also suppose to meet with the Autism Tech...she wanted to observe Molly at school and get us all 'on the same page' as far as dealing with the acting out....but she had a worse week than me! Took her daughter and the daughter's friend to Gulf Shores to hit the beach for Labor Day...when the plumbing system of the hotel came loose, fell off the top of the garage ceiling, and totaled 3 vehicles, including hers. Given the holiday weekend, she was stuck there till at least Tuesday, and then longer while they ironed out the details. No Autism Tech at school this week! Blessings being sent her way.

*Raising Tea Cup*

Here's to everyones health this week....such a precious commodity that we take TOO much for granted. This week also starts the September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

I have been way-laid with 4 days of illness (and admittedly whining about it)....I cannot imagine how babies are expected to power through 2 year sentences of chemo and radiation.

Be aware, wear gold,and offer up your prayers....
this video was made by one of the moms who so eloquently allowed us to travel with her and her family as they fought the beast. Heartwrenching as Coleman was one of a set of twins.

Amazingly, these moms continue the fight...after giving all. She has all the data you need to know, and as parents, we NEED TO KNOW!


Maria said...

YIKES E!!!!!

Are you all better now????
I noticed a new blog wasn't up yet...
Did the tech make it back from that ordeal?
Hope you are better!
Hugs and prayers from Mass. x0x0

Four Wonders Mommy said...

I just wanted to introduce myself. I linked to your blog from a comment that you had made.

Just wanted to say that I, too, have a Molly Kate that is blessed with an extra 21st chromosome!!

Look forward to reading your blog.