Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good Palm Sunday Morning!

Palm Sunday...always a favorite day for me, because on this day, in mass, many moons ago....I went into labor with Shauna...DO YOU HEAR THAT MISS ZOEY????

Spent last weekend in Springfield, because we thought Zoey was coming...labor was intensifying, things were progressing on schedule and WE WERE SO EXCITED!! then? she changed her mind...always a woman's prerogative, but EXTREMELY disappointing to her waiting family.

And here it is, one week later, and she's still not making any moves! Just the opposite, she is as quiet as a mouse. I keep telling Ally-mom that she's just resting up for the big day, but honestly, at this point there is nothing i can say that is going to soothe the souls of her befuddled parents. I just KNEW that on this weekend, i would be down there, but have not received a call yet...I think the doctor is going to make it happen this week, but we all would have rathered she would make her appearance on her own. *sigh*

This is NANA (pronounced nah nah) Ally's mom last weekend during the big wait! There is no vying for JoJo's attention when NaNa is in town...she is the BOMB!!


Molly's been keeping us's still too chilly here to run outside in panties, and this was the result of me telling her to get dressed before she went outside...and yes, i did demand shoes and SOCKS!


For as much time as she puts into dressing up in layers, when we get home? It is IMMEDIATELY taken off...just wish it would happen near a hamper:


She has had a hard week at school. It seems that she doesn't want to ride the bus anymore, and we are stymied on whether to make her do it (she throws her shoes) or to give in and pick her up daily. It's not that we can't, it's just important for us to have SOMETHING typical in her life. Decisions, decisions.

Here is my attempt at (being suzi homemaker) baking bread. It was on the counter trying to rise, but wayyyyyyyyyyy too much fun for molly to not poke poke poke, so i put it in the oven, and then promptly forgot about it. I did not win any awards this week in the domestic goddess area:


We are still trying to break into spring, and i am VERY greatful that last weeks storm that dumped snow all over my immediate neighbors to the west, just rained here, and last night we had the first thunderboomers of the season! Miss molly is just becoming aware of the noise and did NOT LIKE IT! :-) The flowers have enjoyed all the rain, though.


Have a beautiful Palm Sunday and Holy Week, and hopefully I'll be in here soon, with pics, bragging on my new grandbaby!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Ahhhh yes, Spring Break...remember when that was the best time of the year? When you got to go to some exotic place and GO WILD???

Well...I stayed home and worked & poor miss molly stayed at home with daddy...he was amazed at how busy she could be...given the fact that she is STILL half sick! (made me not feel so guily about not scheduling a Panama City Beach vaca with her) She has been busy keeping house in her own special way...this is the master bedroom;

and while we're cleaning up that?? She is redecorating her own room.

I still haven't figured this part of the Autism out...somebody told me these kids were METICULOUS about having everything in it's our house, she seems the happiest when all of her prized possessions are on display. In other words...please call before you come to visit!
(We take it in stride...occasionally boxing everything up and releasing it one tub at a time....and it's time to do that again!)

We got exciting news on Wednesday regarding the baby enroute....Ally is at 36 weeks along, but the 'gaby-baby' is at 39 weeks in size. She (Zoey) has turned herself into position, and we are standing at 1 cm dilation, and 75% effacement! I'm sure we're looking at an earlier than planned birth, just like it was with Aubrey Jo! He did not, however, tell her to stop maybe next week???

Saturday, i couldn't stand not seeing them, so the sarge took molly & me up to Spg....well...of course, Bass Pro was having their Spring Fishing Bonanza! Here we have the sarge, aubrey jo, and molly kate toting spongebob...all searching for the perfect lure.

That scenerio lasted a split second...we had to herd the girls in a little...They were OUTTA CONTROL!! :-)

We saw the amazing stacking turtles..and the waterfalls

Then onto meet a new display..and this guy is amazing! He appears to be all white (although he turned darker in my pics) and he's HUGE!

Then onto the boat show...I seriously thought we were taking this one home...

It has all the power he needs...and the third seat in the middle..something we're missing on the Champion we have now...I think we need the third seat:

Molly did really well, until we got into the boat place..It has really high ceilings..the sounds were reverberating, it was packed with Saturday traffic and we suffered the "OH NO" public meltdown. Big Brother Gabe scooped her up and hugged her tight, but we made a quick exit..across the street on Campbell, to Ally's Cafe..the Whole, THAT is some fine BBQ! Next time yall are visitin at Bass Pro...slip over for the best in town!

Today is time change day...and I'm having trouble getting motivated...but shopping/laundry/cleaning all have to be off we go.(Up in the Air and Her Lovely Bones are here courtousy of Blockbuster..we shall see)

Have a fabulous week, it's spring here, and I'm hoping yall are enjoying some long awaited warm weather! It's been chilly here, but there are signs around my house pointing to the warmth of the Missouri spring...:-)

Sunday, March 07, 2010


FINALLY!! Spring has Sprung in the Ozarks...we are set for 60-70 degree days and 50 degree nights..FOR THE WEEK!! I couldn't be more pleased, or more short of time as yall get a few notes, and then WE ARE OUTSIDE!

Molly has been home for Thurs & Fri, with the snotty snots...I'm sooo hoping this break is gonna help with that. She is off for the entire upcoming week for spring break, but her always plan-deficient mommy forgot to take time it's her and daddy in the back yard, and i will be enjoying the rest of the beautiful weather week in the Pharmacy. I think the whole isolation-from -the-virus-at-school thing is going to work out well for her... & I've been trying to convince my boss into shutting down for this week also, as we, too, have been passing this virus around....but that's a no-go.

For the "You won't believe this" event at my house this week....This morning was a particulary hard starter....i woke up with a near migraine, and moved to the couch after doing the pepcid/excedrine/gatorade cocktail...where i was trying to force some caffeine. My big re-homed german shepherd came to check on me. Now she has more hair on her tail, then any 4 of your dogs combined, and it's very pretty.....until of course it knocks my coffee cup over! Not too much of a mess, because on the second wag, all of the coffee was absorbed into it. The third wag, however, slapped me right in the face, and i swear it was like she picked up the coffee cup and just threw it on my throbbing head! I was soaked!

It did get me moving, though....and the big breakfast is on the stove, there is a jello salad made, and a turkey breast ready to pop into the oven. I do need to pick up a couple of rooms (ok they were destroyed by hurricane molly)...but that will be the bulk of the inside work for the day.

Family news?

Gramma & Grandpa are doing very well...made a trip over to Poplar Bluff and got dad some new shoes that have put a new spring in Dad's step, and we've been traveling around the area discovering new places for my mom to dive into....that would be the "Dent & Bent" warehouse shopping. She l0ves it.

Larry is outside NOT getting the boat ready, but getting the yard well as prepping to erect a monster tower. Always has something going that guy! He is in hog heaven with the NASCAR season starting and in Surround Sound, thanks to Bill's thoughtful Christmas present.

I got to go see Avatar with a g-friend and LOVED IT! The 3-D thing is awesome!! Can't wait to take molly to see Shrek, or Toy Story in 3-D!

Haven't seen Bill, who loves the outdoor-spring-weather more than me (if that's possible) He's off at the lake, and hiking in the woods...probably improving on his acreage, building fences, herding cattle, and any other chore that can be done outdoors. Even if he were to come home, it would just be to grab us for a trip to the river. Thank goodness for texting.

Gabe and Ally are at 37 weeks into this pregnancy..and the nesting has begun. Everyone is ready for miss zoey to make her entrance NOW!! And speaking of that...Congrats & shout-outs to my online sistahs, Mo and Beck, who both became grandparents again this week! I'm coming in 3rd in that race!

Shauna, ohhhhhhhhhhh shauna, has just registered for a race of her own... an Ultimate Marathon...this one goes through the countryside, and is over 30 miles long! EEK!! My extreme girl sets the bar a little higher. She is also running in the Boston Marathon in a few weeks.

All of my children continue to awe and amaze me!

I hope that this fabulous spring-week stretches out across the country and shines on down on all of them and all of you, with the warmth of the Love from our home to yours!