Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good Palm Sunday Morning!

Palm Sunday...always a favorite day for me, because on this day, in mass, many moons ago....I went into labor with Shauna...DO YOU HEAR THAT MISS ZOEY????

Spent last weekend in Springfield, because we thought Zoey was coming...labor was intensifying, things were progressing on schedule and WE WERE SO EXCITED!! then? she changed her mind...always a woman's prerogative, but EXTREMELY disappointing to her waiting family.

And here it is, one week later, and she's still not making any moves! Just the opposite, she is as quiet as a mouse. I keep telling Ally-mom that she's just resting up for the big day, but honestly, at this point there is nothing i can say that is going to soothe the souls of her befuddled parents. I just KNEW that on this weekend, i would be down there, but have not received a call yet...I think the doctor is going to make it happen this week, but we all would have rathered she would make her appearance on her own. *sigh*

This is NANA (pronounced nah nah) Ally's mom last weekend during the big wait! There is no vying for JoJo's attention when NaNa is in town...she is the BOMB!!


Molly's been keeping us's still too chilly here to run outside in panties, and this was the result of me telling her to get dressed before she went outside...and yes, i did demand shoes and SOCKS!


For as much time as she puts into dressing up in layers, when we get home? It is IMMEDIATELY taken off...just wish it would happen near a hamper:


She has had a hard week at school. It seems that she doesn't want to ride the bus anymore, and we are stymied on whether to make her do it (she throws her shoes) or to give in and pick her up daily. It's not that we can't, it's just important for us to have SOMETHING typical in her life. Decisions, decisions.

Here is my attempt at (being suzi homemaker) baking bread. It was on the counter trying to rise, but wayyyyyyyyyyy too much fun for molly to not poke poke poke, so i put it in the oven, and then promptly forgot about it. I did not win any awards this week in the domestic goddess area:


We are still trying to break into spring, and i am VERY greatful that last weeks storm that dumped snow all over my immediate neighbors to the west, just rained here, and last night we had the first thunderboomers of the season! Miss molly is just becoming aware of the noise and did NOT LIKE IT! :-) The flowers have enjoyed all the rain, though.


Have a beautiful Palm Sunday and Holy Week, and hopefully I'll be in here soon, with pics, bragging on my new grandbaby!

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