Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Ahhhh yes, Spring Break...remember when that was the best time of the year? When you got to go to some exotic place and GO WILD???

Well...I stayed home and worked & poor miss molly stayed at home with daddy...he was amazed at how busy she could be...given the fact that she is STILL half sick! (made me not feel so guily about not scheduling a Panama City Beach vaca with her) She has been busy keeping house in her own special way...this is the master bedroom;

and while we're cleaning up that?? She is redecorating her own room.

I still haven't figured this part of the Autism out...somebody told me these kids were METICULOUS about having everything in it's our house, she seems the happiest when all of her prized possessions are on display. In other words...please call before you come to visit!
(We take it in stride...occasionally boxing everything up and releasing it one tub at a time....and it's time to do that again!)

We got exciting news on Wednesday regarding the baby enroute....Ally is at 36 weeks along, but the 'gaby-baby' is at 39 weeks in size. She (Zoey) has turned herself into position, and we are standing at 1 cm dilation, and 75% effacement! I'm sure we're looking at an earlier than planned birth, just like it was with Aubrey Jo! He did not, however, tell her to stop maybe next week???

Saturday, i couldn't stand not seeing them, so the sarge took molly & me up to Spg....well...of course, Bass Pro was having their Spring Fishing Bonanza! Here we have the sarge, aubrey jo, and molly kate toting spongebob...all searching for the perfect lure.

That scenerio lasted a split second...we had to herd the girls in a little...They were OUTTA CONTROL!! :-)

We saw the amazing stacking turtles..and the waterfalls

Then onto meet a new display..and this guy is amazing! He appears to be all white (although he turned darker in my pics) and he's HUGE!

Then onto the boat show...I seriously thought we were taking this one home...

It has all the power he needs...and the third seat in the middle..something we're missing on the Champion we have now...I think we need the third seat:

Molly did really well, until we got into the boat place..It has really high ceilings..the sounds were reverberating, it was packed with Saturday traffic and we suffered the "OH NO" public meltdown. Big Brother Gabe scooped her up and hugged her tight, but we made a quick exit..across the street on Campbell, to Ally's Cafe..the Whole, THAT is some fine BBQ! Next time yall are visitin at Bass Pro...slip over for the best in town!

Today is time change day...and I'm having trouble getting motivated...but shopping/laundry/cleaning all have to be off we go.(Up in the Air and Her Lovely Bones are here courtousy of Blockbuster..we shall see)

Have a fabulous week, it's spring here, and I'm hoping yall are enjoying some long awaited warm weather! It's been chilly here, but there are signs around my house pointing to the warmth of the Missouri spring...:-)

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Moonfairy said...

Reading about the next grand baby on the way brings me back to flashbacks of having Miah & Cody 14 months apart and how much work that was, and then makes me happy that Gage is my last one. Although I was holding a 3 week old on Saturday and that 'oh, just one more!' mommy instinct flared up briefly....EEEEKKKK!! I think in 15-20 years grandbaby's will be wonderful!

Glad you had such a nice weekend!