Monday, September 11, 2006

my step daughter works in manhattan and today, i'm listening to the news, and remembering the sound of her voice, and the voices of others i know that live there....

and what i'm not hearing, not even from the RAGE! new yorkers were/are PISSED OFF! the reporters seem to be missing that......


It was just about this time in the morning, that i glanced up at the television's news. I hollered at the sarge and the boys to come into my bedroom, and remember laughing at them, as they all tried to enter the door way at exactly the same some laurel and hardy movie.

We were amazed that some dumb ass pilot, could have missed his mark by that much....the picture on the tv, did not begin to display the huge hole left in the 1st tower...i rationallized that it was a small plane. All of stood there, mouths agape....outraged and confused, but not mentally being able to grasp the reality of the situation.

I remember the shock, when the 2nd tower was we KNEW this was not some sort of freak we KNEW......and we gazed into the face of pure evil.

Today, we remain outraged here in the mid/south, .....we know where the blame lays....and it's not on our politicians

we remember the ENORMOUS amount of lives lost....taken....MURDERED

and to this day, and on this day.... we continue to grieve....

For Larry and I especially, for our brothers and sisters in public service. As the general population were trying to escape, the brothers were heading up the stairs.. to guide, treat the wounded, put out the fires.....the ultimate sacrifice.

we feel the pain of each and every person lost there that day, and the pain of thier families...we hold you dear to hearts, those that were left behind to mourn. God Bless all continue to be in my daily prayers. I hope you know....i hope you take some comfort from the fact that the entire world prays for you, and mourns with you.

we remember

Sunday, September 10, 2006


jeeeeeeeeeez! i think i've survived, but i'm still not eating much, and DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH!

i got a bug, which manifested late thursday (before everyone else's labor day holiday) and put me down for the next 6 days. I was sure it was salmonilla, or ecoli.....but it was just the flu

i thought i was going to die....and amidst the dying, was spraying bleach behind everything i touched....the only thing worse than me having the flu, would be to pass it on to the baby, or my ole man....either of the two of them, would have ended up in the hospital.....

a disease survivable at home, only be a mommy

and worse??? lower intestinal.....nuff said

i will mention, that i could not keep a popsicle in my system for more than 5 minutes, and the pain and cramping was seconded only by hard labor in childbirth.

i cannot remember ever being this sick....and only after #2 trip to the doc, did i get meds to calm the cramping....class 4 meds, that left me dingy and with hairy teeth....but managed to totally stop the cramping, and allowed some rest. (i had been up and runnin *no pun* every 10 minutes prior to that)

make sure your house is disinfected, your diet is healthy, and if you notice an odd odor, eminating from one of your kids....keep them home!

i missed the biggest day of the year in the the last 20 years, ive called in maybe 3 times....and have vowed never to get another bug, as long as i live! Damn the things that miss molly brings home to me from kindergarten!!
Two more associates announced their departure at the store this week....and they are scrambling to fill positions. They got a dept mngr for my old dept...and a good one, but one doesnt replace two....especially two hard's a pity Wal~mart doesn't understand that the hard workers, ARE the old timers....*sigh*

no new policies as far as i can see, and no signing up about layaway, so i guess the gossip mongers missed that one.

My little lawyer girl, is in her new apt in D.C. , and shopping for furniture this weekend....she gets her first real paycheck this week. She continues to bust my buttons, and we're both ticking off the seconds, to get the results from the bar.

My little kindergarten girl, is ate up with congestion of the chest and nose, and evidently it showed at school on friday...she brought home a note telling us of temper tantrums, hitting, kicking, pushing, and generally being uncooperative....she did NOT have to turn over her 'good behavior' worm, though.....they spotted her runny nose, and wrote it off to that.

Haven't heard much from the boys...they have called, and seem a little overwhelmed with life in general, and all that has to happen to make life happen. Parents should let their kids see a little bit more of the stress involved in maintaining a house and bills...sometimes, in order to protect them, we don't give them a clue as to how HARD it is, to make it in the world today. It always seems to be such a surprise to them!

And i have to spend the day, catching up on my continuing education...have to log 20 hours to recertify, and that deadline is approaching soon (had intended to do that on my 4 day weekend, which was spent in the loo....hmmmmmm i shoulda set the laptop up in there!) Shouldn't be too hard to nascar, missouri tigers, kansas city chiefs, and opening day of the NFL season, seems to be a priority for the sarge!

Unfortunately...i think i also will be closing the pool today...i took a walk with the german shep this morning, and it was only about 60 degrees, and although the leaves are all still green, had the slight odor of autumn surrounding me....might be a good day to check out the new childrens park, with miss 'icky nose' today, too.

I really hate to see the end of summer....

Monday, September 04, 2006

big week for us, both on the walmart front, as well as health care for molly

first molly...NOTHING is harder, than taking a child with special needs, to hillbilly doctor's offices...and unfortunately, since we have to see a local, to get a referral to a REAL dr's office...we have to go through the headache.

this time? her ears...we went to a local dr (he was great, his staff i was not impressed with) who was an ENT...we had to see an audiologist first...who sent us to get her ears cleaned, and then back for a hearing test.

at the ear cleaning IMMEDIATELY he starts talking 'pappoose' or 'sedation' at the like 'why don't we just try it first, like you would with a typical 6 year old'....and sure enough, she made it through, with less screaming than the 'tippie' in the next room.

the nurse had to have me spell 'trisomy' and asked if it had anything to do with her downs syndrome...AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

the audiologist looked confused when molly started signing to her....she was watching us thru a window, in a sound proof booth, and molly was smart enought to figure out that the A maybe couldnt hear she signed 'MORE DUCK' to get the A to light up the duck again....

i get a blank stare from the A (audiologist) and explain to her...molly is signing to you...are ya gittin it??

welllllllllllllll it seems that the woman that WORKS WITH PEOPLE WHO CANT HEAR......CAN'T SIGN!!!


all in all...we got our referral....and we'll head off in mid-sept, to see how molly's hearing is...although the A said she could not see any movement in molly's ear drums, whatsoever...she wasn't sure if molly couldnt hear! AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I made it all the way through, without slapping anyone....

Wal~marts 7 phases of reorganization keep on coming, and most of the long-termers are seeking employment elsewhere....much to the amazement of my store manager...i cannot believe, in this day and age, that this guy is not online, and keeping up with his business...he didnt even know who Susan Chambers was!!

They are done with us, and want us to leave, and we are obliging. I hope they are happy with the results. There has to be something illegal, with our new exec. vice president, printing in a memo, that all of the tenured associates are obese, will have heart trouble and diabetes, and the only way for the company to continue to line the executive pockets, is for them to dump the aged associates...."a 2 year assoc. can do the work of a 10 yr assoc, at a fraction of the cost"

little does she know, that they WILL HAVE TO START CLOSING ON HOMECOMING AND PROM NIGHT! and you can kiss off any sat/sun morning you just can't work when you've been sucking on a beer bong all night!!

They will announce, that we will be open on Christmas now.

Still wanting the company to be amazes me that they are BEGGING for the associates to get some kind of reprensentation.

signs are suppose to go up this weekend, regarding the closing of all layaways.....and sept 11th, seems to be D-Day, for the releasing of other new policies. They've cut our raises, they've capped our wages, changed the schedules, so that there is no way for someone to work for them, AND have a family.....and done everything but issue a mandate telling the associates that BUILT the company, that now we are too big of an expense, and need to leave.

I'm sure they think that the company will survive, being run by a bunch of teenagers, that DON'T CARE! but are cheaper labor than us. We shall see. We all sold our stock, and stopped the auto-purchase of it. No need in investing in a company, that won't invest in us.

I'm lucky, as my husband has a retirement plan, and insurance for us to fall back on(his company actually rewared him for all his years of loyalty) heart goes out to the thousands that don't have that safety net. Shame on the new wal~mart upper echelon....they have defamed the WHOLE principal of the's solid base....and the reason for it's success. SHAME!