Monday, September 11, 2006

my step daughter works in manhattan and today, i'm listening to the news, and remembering the sound of her voice, and the voices of others i know that live there....

and what i'm not hearing, not even from the RAGE! new yorkers were/are PISSED OFF! the reporters seem to be missing that......


It was just about this time in the morning, that i glanced up at the television's news. I hollered at the sarge and the boys to come into my bedroom, and remember laughing at them, as they all tried to enter the door way at exactly the same some laurel and hardy movie.

We were amazed that some dumb ass pilot, could have missed his mark by that much....the picture on the tv, did not begin to display the huge hole left in the 1st tower...i rationallized that it was a small plane. All of stood there, mouths agape....outraged and confused, but not mentally being able to grasp the reality of the situation.

I remember the shock, when the 2nd tower was we KNEW this was not some sort of freak we KNEW......and we gazed into the face of pure evil.

Today, we remain outraged here in the mid/south, .....we know where the blame lays....and it's not on our politicians

we remember the ENORMOUS amount of lives lost....taken....MURDERED

and to this day, and on this day.... we continue to grieve....

For Larry and I especially, for our brothers and sisters in public service. As the general population were trying to escape, the brothers were heading up the stairs.. to guide, treat the wounded, put out the fires.....the ultimate sacrifice.

we feel the pain of each and every person lost there that day, and the pain of thier families...we hold you dear to hearts, those that were left behind to mourn. God Bless all continue to be in my daily prayers. I hope you know....i hope you take some comfort from the fact that the entire world prays for you, and mourns with you.

we remember

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