Monday, September 04, 2006

big week for us, both on the walmart front, as well as health care for molly

first molly...NOTHING is harder, than taking a child with special needs, to hillbilly doctor's offices...and unfortunately, since we have to see a local, to get a referral to a REAL dr's office...we have to go through the headache.

this time? her ears...we went to a local dr (he was great, his staff i was not impressed with) who was an ENT...we had to see an audiologist first...who sent us to get her ears cleaned, and then back for a hearing test.

at the ear cleaning IMMEDIATELY he starts talking 'pappoose' or 'sedation' at the like 'why don't we just try it first, like you would with a typical 6 year old'....and sure enough, she made it through, with less screaming than the 'tippie' in the next room.

the nurse had to have me spell 'trisomy' and asked if it had anything to do with her downs syndrome...AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

the audiologist looked confused when molly started signing to her....she was watching us thru a window, in a sound proof booth, and molly was smart enought to figure out that the A maybe couldnt hear she signed 'MORE DUCK' to get the A to light up the duck again....

i get a blank stare from the A (audiologist) and explain to her...molly is signing to you...are ya gittin it??

welllllllllllllll it seems that the woman that WORKS WITH PEOPLE WHO CANT HEAR......CAN'T SIGN!!!


all in all...we got our referral....and we'll head off in mid-sept, to see how molly's hearing is...although the A said she could not see any movement in molly's ear drums, whatsoever...she wasn't sure if molly couldnt hear! AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I made it all the way through, without slapping anyone....

Wal~marts 7 phases of reorganization keep on coming, and most of the long-termers are seeking employment elsewhere....much to the amazement of my store manager...i cannot believe, in this day and age, that this guy is not online, and keeping up with his business...he didnt even know who Susan Chambers was!!

They are done with us, and want us to leave, and we are obliging. I hope they are happy with the results. There has to be something illegal, with our new exec. vice president, printing in a memo, that all of the tenured associates are obese, will have heart trouble and diabetes, and the only way for the company to continue to line the executive pockets, is for them to dump the aged associates...."a 2 year assoc. can do the work of a 10 yr assoc, at a fraction of the cost"

little does she know, that they WILL HAVE TO START CLOSING ON HOMECOMING AND PROM NIGHT! and you can kiss off any sat/sun morning you just can't work when you've been sucking on a beer bong all night!!

They will announce, that we will be open on Christmas now.

Still wanting the company to be amazes me that they are BEGGING for the associates to get some kind of reprensentation.

signs are suppose to go up this weekend, regarding the closing of all layaways.....and sept 11th, seems to be D-Day, for the releasing of other new policies. They've cut our raises, they've capped our wages, changed the schedules, so that there is no way for someone to work for them, AND have a family.....and done everything but issue a mandate telling the associates that BUILT the company, that now we are too big of an expense, and need to leave.

I'm sure they think that the company will survive, being run by a bunch of teenagers, that DON'T CARE! but are cheaper labor than us. We shall see. We all sold our stock, and stopped the auto-purchase of it. No need in investing in a company, that won't invest in us.

I'm lucky, as my husband has a retirement plan, and insurance for us to fall back on(his company actually rewared him for all his years of loyalty) heart goes out to the thousands that don't have that safety net. Shame on the new wal~mart upper echelon....they have defamed the WHOLE principal of the's solid base....and the reason for it's success. SHAME!

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