Friday, April 14, 2006

Well...too much going on...ive been on vacation, and while i was gone, Walmart started new policies all over. Management is working more, and those like me (20 year assoc's) are now a liability to the company

I might add, I hit the big 20 years, while i was away....but have been back for the full week, and no one has even MENTIONED this milestone. I was quite disappointed by that, but that is the way it's heading.

Had a meeting with my supervisor, whom i love dearly, and told her straight up, if she needed to 'lose me', to just do it, and not to jeapordize her job by fighting for 'what is right'

She is a single parent, and if Walmart is going to hang me, i should hang alone....damn, a retirement plan would have been nice from this company, after all the hard work and hours that we've given them, helping them to become the powerhouse that they are, but instead, im planning my own 'funeral' ....i miss you, sam.

We went to chicago, and met up with a bunch of online friends, from molly's parenting room, inclucing a family from AUSTRALIA!! what a great time, with good friends, and new friends, and the best kids in the world.

Came home, and started preparation for Shauna's graduation, which has been interrupted with the FANTASTIC NEWS!! she has not only made the selection for the Presidential Management Fellowship, BUT.....


she was so sweating having to settle, and having the deadlines to make those decisions, when the chief general council of the FTA (federal transit administration) David Horner.

selected her to be his 'legal policy analyst'!! a MAJOR coup!!...I cried all night last night, i am so proud of this child.

she said his statement to her, after she informed him that she wouldnt finish the bar until this July, was

"your perception on all of this, is way beyond your years"

he sounds like a pretty perceptive guy, himself!

I sent the public release to the quill newspaper this morning, but halted the presses, as she's freaking i'll jinx the final 'hammering out' of the details....(salary)

mama is on cloud nine.

on the DS front? Molly Kate was elected by her peers, to represent her class as a queen canidate, for the spring festival (kindergarten) !! we got a pricess dress...and she 'hammed it up' something fierce, as she processed onto the stage, and heard her name called, much to the delight of the entire crowd. Her little escort, was soooooooooo scared HE was crying!!

wasn't quite how i thought it would play out.

nice to be back...