Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another boring weekend

I'm loving it!!

Just me and the family.

Mom and dad ran off to tunica this weekend, but escaped just before all the tornadoes started up...Molly the sarge and I ran to Springfield and grabbed the baby up, and headed for home before the alleged snow was suppose to hit...and settled in for a boring weekend of just kids and housework.

We left here in shorts, as it was 65 or so...and got to Springfield and it was 41!!! EEK!! Aubrey and Molly have the same taste in toys


Heading for Home: Dont forget your "gunkey" molly...does diesel want to come with?


Hangin with the puppy:


Goofin with Molly...or maybe fighting over the little chair....


Patty-cakin' wif PaPa


LOVING that big, low window....just my size!


She is well on her way to walking...just cruising right now..and standing independently for long periods of time! These are some clips for posterity...and you can hear molly's goofy new laugh for the season. Most the times i ask her.."what is that noise your making???"

to which she adds at the end of the goofy giggle, "ha ha ha ha ha" I'm thinking spongebob has alot to do with that laugh!! Enjoy your week, I hope it's as boring as mine!

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3/29/09 Bree at 9 months

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break!!

Been a crazy week...i GUESS today starts spring break! She's up and at it early, and somehow i thought the rumor about them shaving a couple of days off for snow days was FALSE!! Honestly...i still don't have confirmation....just the fact that no one is answering the phone at school!! GREAT MOMMY!

Aubrey tested her parents sanity by getting under the kitchen counter (new house-the cupboard locks are not up yet) and taking a bite out of a cascade packet!! She's fine, although I'm not too sure about her parents! (welcome to my world, gabe, the eater of chlorine posts for the apt pool, and drinker of bleach!) i USED to have the number to poison control memorized!

Shauna is done with her 'really big' case...and last i heard was in NYC celebrating that fact with her big sis, and heading for a Fleetwood Mac concert in Jersey! YAY!! This one took a long time, with too much stress!

Bill and Angela came home with thier rude puppies!


They are both adorable but poop too much! (the puppies i mean)

We ate too much (i always cook big when bill is skinny as he is, he eats for 3)
but we always exercise also...we took advantage of a nearly 80 degree day and headed for the river to do some explorin.

bill? why do i have to wear shoes in the river and you dont?

That just doesn't seem right!! Im going to take my shoes off, too!! Too bad i seem to only
know one way to take off my shoes. (check out bill's face...hahahahah)




I'm outta here!!


Then we hiked our way up to Blue Springs...this is a continuously 58 degree spring that bubbles up all year long....and a ways back up in the woods. This is the first year molly has made the hike without having to be carried back....just lifted up in a few places.



Looking at the river, and talking...this is the way molly talks now, we have no idea why, but her hand has to be up over her mouth...probably some tool used in speech that has gone awray.


The drop off to the spring is right there...but no amount of telling her to stop will do...BILL!! TOO FAR!!!



Blue spring lies off of the river...which was down, but flowing beautifully.


There were caves to explore:


And monkeys in the trees:


and miss molly went to bed early....and slept hard! IT'S SPRING BREAK HERE!! and more importantly??? IT'S SPRING!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I have had the opportunity to meet some of the funniest women in the world...and got to catch up with one this week.

We both used to manage competing food marts, and one of the funniest things i ever saw in a newspaper ad was HER store offering a 1 pound pkg of BOWLES for $2.99! (a typo that should have read bowls) Cracked me up and i grabbed a copy of the ad and ran right over to ask her if these were in the meat dept? or freezer section???

Bone (her old name, which i won't let up on, cuz it was funny, too) came in today. She has been a SAHM, something I'm really jealous of (thanks bernard for crashing my 401-I hope you share a cell with big-bubba-roid-rage-ralph) her for being able to do that...but she's changed her status. She's blonde, pretty, not fat at all...but well built. A brick.

"So, what are you doing these days?"

I know it's coming when her eyes start to twinkle

"I am an over-sized escort"

It took me about 10 seconds of gaping mouth-confusion-face to figure out she was TALKING about driving a little truck in front of the "wide-load" semi tractors!

We laughed till we cried...she says it doesn't pay alot...but with a title like that?
who cares!! Love ya, Bone! You made my day!
We are celebrating a huge step for molly this week...many of you saw me hinting about it on FaceBook!

At molly's school, they have a drive-thru-drop-off section. Since 9-11 they don't want alot of parents wandering around the halls. I've been driving molly in, in the mornings (she had been having trouble with all the chaos on the bus) and we get to park in the handicap section, and walk in. (parent parking is about a mile away..and i don't have a placard, but the school understands how slow molly can walk and granted us permission)

So, we still have to get in the car-line, and watch what the other kids are doing, to get to our parking place. The parents pull up to a stop sign in an area teachers are manning, grab their backpacks, jump out of their cars and walk in a crosswalk to the front doors of the school.

This week, I also stopped at the stop sign and looked at molly and told her to go, like the big kids. It took a couple of days, but on friday, she successfully , with no prompting, opened her car door, grabbed her back pack, and walked to the front door, to a waiting aide!!


Of course i drive around into the forbidden area to make sure she's connected with her aide, and on Friday??? Molly shot me the stink eye! I guess i shouldn't be checking up on a big girl!


a few shots from the week....When Bill came to pick up Bree, he brought brother Josh and his son Haden. Although Josh is the "brother with another mother" cannot tell by looks, or attitude at home, that he is not mine. The three boys are CLONES!! And Haden seems to be following suit.


Hatten the Cat likes to stretch out in weird positions to sleep...what a goofy cat (i thru molly's croc in there for size proportion...he's HUGE!)


Sarge gets nervous when Larry and Kelsi take off for a soccer ball, and a sliced tire keeps them away for hours! (oh yea, come monday we're wrapping the Tahoe in some decent rubber...I will be BROKE!)


It's hard work worrying and waiting, so he was resting his big nose on the table that ALWAYS has a bowl of pretzels on it!

And yes, THIS WEEK is KELSI'S spring break...YAY!! Molly is excited to have someone to watch "oswald" with...although "Ducky" (mollys name for her) usually is hooked up to the lap top, japanamation, and emo bands. Shes 16 now.


I love my house, and the fact that any given weekend, we can have 5-15 members of family hanging around, and just being "home"

Have a great St Patty's Day week. Everyone's Irish This week! Even Barrack!!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

lightning, assessments, and Aubrey Jo

I started this earlier, but lightning crashed outside, causing Lucifer the Cat to jump from outside on the deck, to inside on the couch in one flying leap....and then the rains came. Hard rains, knocking out satellite computer and Oswald on television (OHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOO) We're dodging the tornadoes up north (knock on wood) and just getting some violent rain storms that are short in duration.

Spring is FINALLY here, and the grass seems universally greener after a 10 minute monsoon. YAY! IT SMELLS SO GOOD!! My yellow daffodills are opening, and there are buds on everything else.

We are celebrating but tired here...miss Aubrey Jo has come to rock our world for the weekend. She's very comfortable at grammy's, but wouldn't sleep anywhere but WITH grammy. We snuggled on the couch all night...she stirred a couple of times, but with a few pats on the diaper, she'd drift right back off. Being acutely aware of her new found gymnastic abilities, and the speed in which she can pull them off...grammy didn't sleep too soundly.

She has changed so much!! Dang the ice storms!! I last saw her as an infant, and she returns 4 weeks later as a rug rat!

She is a dancing baby, imitates sounds i make,patty cakes, signs daddy and more, laughs, pulls ups and walks around cruising, stands independently for a few seconds..and can FLY on her hands and knees!!

She will make the "scrunch face" atcha:


WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!! She's still quite small, making her antics even funnier as she is now the 'walking infant'


and ohhhhhhhhhhhh she loves her fact, if she hears someone in the kitchen, or spoons rattling, or cupboard doors being opened?? she is ON IT! LOOK OUT MOLLY...she's diving in for your fries!!


Also? she is quite tasty


She came with a packNplay, but currently molly is in it, and against all of bree's parent's warnings, SHE is not.... but has run of the house (bathroom doors closed) and she's loving it! She runs down to see grampa in the radio room...chases the cats, and loveeeeeees sarge the german shep. He just makes her squeal! There is no taking your eye off of her...not for one second. I think also, i may rename her "woomba" as even though i've vacuumed 37 times, she still is finding things to pick up and put in her mouth. Yes, Gabe, the dog food dish is secured on the back porch!


I am so amazed by her sheer sharpness. She doesn't miss a movement, she doesn't miss a sound. Her eyes flit and scan and move her to the next escapade. I don't think I'm seeing her in such amazement because molly was so laid back as an infant, either....I think I'm amazed....because she is amazing. I see great things happening for this curious little girl.


We did have molly's assessment see if she's on the Autism Spectrum. The interviewer came while moll was outside playing, so we had some time to set up before calling her in. The first thing molly does is run over and give her a big hug! BLASPHEME!! SHE NEVER DOES THIS! lmao...i believe molly thought the lady was shauna, as she was young and had beautiful hair!

She filmed the eval while running thru several tests. After she left, i realized i had answered some questions wrong...YES, she does repeat words consistantly...CAT CAT CAT CAT ...should i email her? Why i am so worried about things that i forgot to i WANT her to be Autistic?


Thanks to Maria, who is dealing with many of the things we are....i want answers. In my heart i would rather not have the label, but i WOULD like some answers. Those answers won't happen for a month or so. It's a long process. I just know there is a magic key to unlocking molly's intellegence, as there is no doubt that it is there, and whether or not the key lies in a diagnosis on the spectrum, or someplace else...we will keep working until we find it. Molly has many contributions of her own to make.

I will end with my frustration/chuckle of the week.

The school sends molly home all the time. She is "out of sorts" or "pushing" or "has an ear infection" (she had a bad case of wax)" "has pink eye" "maybe the flu" and it's just CONSTANT!!!.... to the point that I was beginning to think that maybe molly is just too hard to handle, and it's easier to send her home than to deal with her. And what am i to do? Tell them she doesn't have an ear infections, or take her to two dr's to make sure. Tell them NO, we will not pick her up no matter what YOU think????

Today I opened a warning notice from the school. She's missing too much!


Off i go...the woomba is heading for my bedroom, which is referred to as the 'toy room' by the sarge anyway....too much FUN! OH LOOK, she's found mama and dadda...and is signing with thumb on her head...and saying mum mum mum (shhhhhhhhh don't tell ally)


I'll leave you with 4 generations (with one crooked little finger) of hands,
and hopes that spring EXPLODES in your area..the way it has ours...Don't forget to spring those clocks ahead, either!


Sunday, March 01, 2009


i so hate to start with this again, as it is officially march...but IT SNOWED YESTERDAY!! all day...for about 5 inches or better. They are again forcasting 70's for the end of the week, which means we again move from the frozen tundra into the world of slop!

We have no dirt or sand in missouri...only clay and rocks...which is why the schools are closed so often...a wet, clay road is mighty messy and the busses have a hard time navigating down them. We also have no major snow removal devices...just salt trucks AS IT'S NOT SUPPOSE TO SNOW!! I am grateful that there is no ice this time...and it was rather pretty and FUN!


It's only going to be a short inconvenience, but it sure messed up my travel plans...i cannot WAIT to see my big boys & girls, and the baby! Every weekend something jumps up that keeps me here and miserable.

The past Wednesday Molly was in a 2nd grade play at school...we were scrambling because detailed info wasn't i thought she was a pioneer girl (found out she needed a long dress on monday)...but she ended up being a bird. (found out she needed solid colored clothes that WERE NOT pink on tuesday) She would have a better pioneer girl as they don't have to wear beaks, and not even robert "bobert" the boyfriend could convince her otherwise!


She did well in her part, stayed on the risers, standing and sitting appropriately with no aide right beside her. Mommy and the aide were standing close..but not too close.

She goes on stage, does her thing, and the curtains close..the children are suppose to exit stage left...and out they all come, all but the last little bird. UGH! She finally appears, but decides to exit stage right..into the next group! The aide is on it...but not as fast as Bobert, who got to her first! PLEASE don't knock the other kids off of stage right!!


Now to all the parents out there that are shaking their heads at the poor little girl who doesn't know any better??? I hate to inform you, but she knew EXACTLY what she was doing..SHE'S A SKUNK!

Someone built a little Fairview bus..which they call the twinkie mobile (no clue) and it came in on the "Rosa Parks" part of the play....molly was very interested as you can see, i was just pleased she didn't take it upon herself to upstage the bus!


The funniest thing about the whole play was i actually heard her singing!! OH MANNNNN she's definitely a candidate for instant fame on American Idol....and not the GOOD KIND!

She was making up her own words (molly jabberwalky) and belting them out at the top of her lungs. It was precious!!

Thanks to the store for not berating me about my lateness...i THOUGHT it was at 8:30pm....and it ended up being one show only at 8:30AM!! I was not the only parent in the dark...but we manage!

This is a big week for us. Judevine comes on Friday to evaluate my precious (skunk) angel. Although it's been pretty obvious for the last two years that developementally, she's not even keeping up with her peers...Mommy has been dragging her feet on getting offical word. Judevine is the Missouri Autism Spectrum Disorder experts.

The school has already adjusted her learning they are good at what they do. They have been trying to get some word on it also...referring to it as the "A" word to a "living-in-denial" mommy.

We'll let you know next week what they say....and please forgive the quality of the pics...the 'all-together' mommy walked out sans camera...AGAIN and had to depend on the cell phone to capture the antics!

Have a great week!!