Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another boring weekend

I'm loving it!!

Just me and the family.

Mom and dad ran off to tunica this weekend, but escaped just before all the tornadoes started up...Molly the sarge and I ran to Springfield and grabbed the baby up, and headed for home before the alleged snow was suppose to hit...and settled in for a boring weekend of just kids and housework.

We left here in shorts, as it was 65 or so...and got to Springfield and it was 41!!! EEK!! Aubrey and Molly have the same taste in toys


Heading for Home: Dont forget your "gunkey" molly...does diesel want to come with?


Hangin with the puppy:


Goofin with Molly...or maybe fighting over the little chair....


Patty-cakin' wif PaPa


LOVING that big, low window....just my size!


She is well on her way to walking...just cruising right now..and standing independently for long periods of time! These are some clips for posterity...and you can hear molly's goofy new laugh for the season. Most the times i ask her.."what is that noise your making???"

to which she adds at the end of the goofy giggle, "ha ha ha ha ha" I'm thinking spongebob has alot to do with that laugh!! Enjoy your week, I hope it's as boring as mine!

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3/29/09 Bree at 9 months

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