Sunday, March 01, 2009


i so hate to start with this again, as it is officially march...but IT SNOWED YESTERDAY!! all day...for about 5 inches or better. They are again forcasting 70's for the end of the week, which means we again move from the frozen tundra into the world of slop!

We have no dirt or sand in missouri...only clay and rocks...which is why the schools are closed so often...a wet, clay road is mighty messy and the busses have a hard time navigating down them. We also have no major snow removal devices...just salt trucks AS IT'S NOT SUPPOSE TO SNOW!! I am grateful that there is no ice this time...and it was rather pretty and FUN!


It's only going to be a short inconvenience, but it sure messed up my travel plans...i cannot WAIT to see my big boys & girls, and the baby! Every weekend something jumps up that keeps me here and miserable.

The past Wednesday Molly was in a 2nd grade play at school...we were scrambling because detailed info wasn't i thought she was a pioneer girl (found out she needed a long dress on monday)...but she ended up being a bird. (found out she needed solid colored clothes that WERE NOT pink on tuesday) She would have a better pioneer girl as they don't have to wear beaks, and not even robert "bobert" the boyfriend could convince her otherwise!


She did well in her part, stayed on the risers, standing and sitting appropriately with no aide right beside her. Mommy and the aide were standing close..but not too close.

She goes on stage, does her thing, and the curtains close..the children are suppose to exit stage left...and out they all come, all but the last little bird. UGH! She finally appears, but decides to exit stage right..into the next group! The aide is on it...but not as fast as Bobert, who got to her first! PLEASE don't knock the other kids off of stage right!!


Now to all the parents out there that are shaking their heads at the poor little girl who doesn't know any better??? I hate to inform you, but she knew EXACTLY what she was doing..SHE'S A SKUNK!

Someone built a little Fairview bus..which they call the twinkie mobile (no clue) and it came in on the "Rosa Parks" part of the play....molly was very interested as you can see, i was just pleased she didn't take it upon herself to upstage the bus!


The funniest thing about the whole play was i actually heard her singing!! OH MANNNNN she's definitely a candidate for instant fame on American Idol....and not the GOOD KIND!

She was making up her own words (molly jabberwalky) and belting them out at the top of her lungs. It was precious!!

Thanks to the store for not berating me about my lateness...i THOUGHT it was at 8:30pm....and it ended up being one show only at 8:30AM!! I was not the only parent in the dark...but we manage!

This is a big week for us. Judevine comes on Friday to evaluate my precious (skunk) angel. Although it's been pretty obvious for the last two years that developementally, she's not even keeping up with her peers...Mommy has been dragging her feet on getting offical word. Judevine is the Missouri Autism Spectrum Disorder experts.

The school has already adjusted her learning they are good at what they do. They have been trying to get some word on it also...referring to it as the "A" word to a "living-in-denial" mommy.

We'll let you know next week what they say....and please forgive the quality of the pics...the 'all-together' mommy walked out sans camera...AGAIN and had to depend on the cell phone to capture the antics!

Have a great week!!


Moonfairy said...

I hate last minute costumes!! I found out on Tuesday @ 3:30 that the boys had to be back to school @ 5:30 one dressed in an indian Sari and one dressed as a kids don't like to give me their important paperwork apprently I need to get better about emptying their backpacks more often!

There's nothing wrong with living in denial when it comes to your kids, it'll be okay no matter what the diagnosis is. Hang in there, k?!

xoxo from CO!

Dawn aka Maria said...

Great blog as always!
OMG about the costumes!
Pix are still fine even w/cell phone;its better than nothing!
Hope all goes well this week....
We're expecting a HUGE Nor'Easter tonight thru tomorrow night;not looking forward to that!I expect NO school tomorrow for the zillionth time in Western Mass.

luvmypeanut said...

Don't our kids just love putting on a show? and not always in the good way either!! LOL I think Ms Molly kate did a wonderful job! My little bird would have been flying the coop right off the bat!

I'm so ready for spring!