Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hiding the markers

To Hide..or not to hide, THAT is the question!

Yesterday an exasperated daddy came flying into the sanctuary
(my bedroom) where i was solving all the worlds problems
(learning how to play bejeweled) and he could not even speak.

Molly was sitting next to me with her books.

Larry is not the best communicator...and as much as it irritates
me sometime, I stop what I'm doing and dutifully follow him out
to the livingroom, to winess sign language at it's best.... the point and scream.

Oh's so screamable, that i forgot to grab the camera. Molly had taken it upon herself (did i mention that she was WITH ME?) take a black sharpie out of the computer desk...and draw not only all over the oak rolltop desk...but all over my flat screen monitor!

Mr Clean's Magic eraser works well on both oak and flatscreens by the way, but in retrospect...i need a little help with the question.

Do you teach her NOT to do it? Or hide the markers?

Maybe right after I teach her that is is not polite to disrobe in the


(blurry but you get the gist) Do you say no? Or just hide everything your child could possible get in trouble with?
I was off last week....we joined the nation in celebrating national Flu Week. For the first time i can remember..since having molly..even the MOMMY had to make a trip for anti-bi's and cough syrup. Little Bill joined me in the celebration...ending up with a trip to the ER, Shots and Medications. Molly was off for FOUR DAYS with PINK EYE!! we could NOT get it under control!

It hurt....EVERYONE was hurting, and as if to throw salt on our winter snowed here on Saturday morning!! Then I looked out the front window and saw this...





Those are robins eating what's left of my lawn.


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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

ohhhh I would definitely hide the markers!