Friday, December 09, 2005 much for a daily journal!! :-)

it's 8 degrees here, in southern missouri...coldest i can remember it ever being here! odd weather for sure....

we are 16 days away from Christmas, and it's a little odd at the store, too! The big boss has been walking around, shopping, talking merchandise...and get this....LAUGHING!

im befuddled, to say the least....he walked in to the dept yesterday....i had a pallet, a 6 wheeler, both loaded with freight....and about 6 carts, filled and ready to dispense to different locations....

we usually try and keep the carts hidden, as it is his #1 PET PEEVE!.....yet he just walked over, looked at the MP3 display case...and commented that there were still 3 left! (he's been eyeballing one of these for his child)

he left with no comment on the disarray........scary....just scary

this is the time of year, we are all geared for him to spontaneously burst a vein in his usually maroon colored neck!

at home...everyone is healthy, and as happy as can be....literally in the sarge's case....'as happy as possible' is about all we can hope for! :-)

the general public has been crude and rude, and even moreso than i geared for....i know, when i leave this'll be with a bang....hahahah

sorry no more to stymied!~ still trying to figure out what happened, to make 'the man' so cheerful....

keep warm,