Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I am such a bad girl...poor Molly doesn't stand a chance

Last week was a travel week. Off to Colo Spgs to visit mom....14 hours of drive time one way..... Dad doesn't like to fly.

I might insert here...KANSAS SUCKS!! Sorry Kansas, but HOlee MOlee...driving acrossed that state would try the patience of Job!

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My mountain, Pikes Peak. other hometown. It was good to see that it was still intact despite the wildfires of the previous weeks.

Traveling with my family is just weird.

Dad does not read, or listen to music, or anything. He just sits in the back seat (more comfortable) and reads the road signs and checks his watch....that's it. There is usually an abundance of War stories at the beginning, but they even stop after awhile.

Molly is plugged in. DVD-iPad- something always. She switches seats at every stop, either in the front, or in back with dad. Whichever spot she chooses, there is 5 minutes of clearing out everything that I had left there from all just flies because she doesn't like anything around all.
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The sarge is always on a mission.... Least amount of time on the road, least amount of gas used. There is barely a reason good enough to get him to stop....he would rather find an outhouse, as oppose to a little store,  because we waste too much time in there taking a break. When he does stop? It's ONLY at his favorite places, and always the same places. There is no time for fun....i just want to stop at Osceola ONCE and get some cheese, but unfortunately, that is too close to where he likes to stop, the Dominator, so we never get to.
Larry drove 14 hours straight photo IMG_20130706_175820_146.jpg

Well, lemme tell ya, the Dominator, who is suppose to have the cheapest gas and the quickest in & out, failed us miserably on the trip home. We pulled into pump #2, left him to do the filling, and I jogged in with Molly to do the other. She LOVES to shop at these places...always on the hunt for a popsicle, and never finding one...she will still walk away satisfied with a bag of Cheddar Ruffles and some sort of little blue drink.

We come back out, and the sarge STILL has not pumped the gas...can't get it to work. I saw a man that was suppose to be working, outside talking to some chick on the way in, and told him about the trouble, but he did nothing, so i told the sarge just to pull around to another pump.

That one did not work either, and now Dad's starting to get irritated. You don't want dad irritated. At 86, he feels no need to contain, control, or  be calm. He'll just pop a cork and blow like a hot pop that's been shaken!

We tried several times to get help, did not have enough gas to move it on down the road, and the sarge is now starting to look at me like know...IT'S ALL MY FAULT! I might mention that it's about 100 degrees, also, and Molly has used HER last bit of patience...tick tock...tick tock....

Finally, Missy Pissy Pants that I am, goes back up to the store door. It's one of those doors that ding-ding-dings when opened. So, after several failed attempts to get help, and on this 100 degree day, I opened that door and leaned on it, keeping it open. You could feel the A/C rushing out of the inside. :-)


"Are you still having trouble with the pump?"   Young guy is dealing with a woman who is upset about her lottery ticket. She is REALLY upset, too.

"Why yes, we have been here for 20 minutes, and have yet to pump a gallon of gas. I might add, we've been here wayyyyyyyy longer than powerball girl, there"

At this point, the line of customers all turn to look at the witchy woman, and i figure I'm going to get some evil looks. I find it comical that most are grinning. They are tired of waiting behind upset lottery lady, too.


Blondie pops out from a room hidden behind the register. A manager

"That young man is suppose to stay on the register"
Really? I saw that young man talking to a chicky chick outside when i pulled up a half hour ago
"That was me"

She IS going to help, though, so I try and clap my trap. She comes out and also cannot fix the pump.(She did have the gaul to ask if we had pushed the start button)   A guy with a HUGE 5th wheel camper pulls in beside us, looks at us, and asks if there is trouble with the pumps. Blondie manager (grrrrrrrr) looks up and says..."Oh #2 never works"

REALLY?? #2 where we spent the first 10 minutes?? NEVER WORKS??? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Finally she cashes out the pump, gets us fueling, and reminds us that she is sure we don't look like people that would run away without paying. They don't do 'pay inside' with just anyone, you know.

Don't tempt me sister....

Anyway, we got our gas, finally, and got back on the road..poor sarge's.trip time TOTALLY blown out of the water, but Molly was happier for the break.

All my sibs and their kids showed up in Colo to see mom... a little visit turned into a huge family it was good too.
the langoleers photo IMG_1932.jpg it's Miller time photo IMG_1927.jpg
Next time? I think maybe we'll get to stop in Oseola at the cheese factory...I believe the Dominatior may be off the stop list!  All I know is that I have a new-found respect for those irritating DING DING DING doors. ...they can come in handy.

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oh yea, there was a birthday, too. I'm Officially Old!
gramma loves nick photo IMG_20130704_144643_098.jpg
Mom was thrilled to see everyone and looks WONDERFUL!