Monday, March 07, 2011

The Wedding Reception or I NEED A NEW CAMERA!

or probably need 2 to have with me, and one for special occasions. Send me your suggestions...i want one that has major megapix, 20x zoom, and fires up in a hurry with software that's easy. Only a fraction of my pics came out clear, but i did end up with a few.



Gabe & Ally had their wedding reception this past Saturday and WHAT A PARTY!! All Vegas Theme (they were married there on 1-1-11) open bar, kegs, music and catered food.

When I ask Moll if she wants to go see Aubrey Jo, she grabs her coat and goes and sits in the FRONT passenger seat. She's been prone to car sickness on long trips and it helps if she's in the front..she knows that! Cracks me up.The girls ALWAYS love seeing each other.



Shauna came home from DC, and fell back in love with her nieces...we were so happy to have her's always trouble with the airlines, and expensive to get back, so we are humbled in admiration that she attempted the trip.


A most satisfying weekend as a mom, and a mom-mom because all the kids came home for it, and I got one of those rare photos of them all together...

resized to fit

We had so much fun getting ready for the big event:
Uncle Bill was there for the "bouncy bouncy baby" main event:

The Wedding Cake


That night, they started out by playing their vows, projected onto the wall in big-screen proportions..and i cried....then they were announced and made the grand entrance toting their beautiful girls, each in adorable, pink, ballerina dresses and them in their wedding wear.

Then, as they posed for pictures, the funniest thing happened. We were so busy snapping pics and clapping, we didn't see Molly make her move...out of nowhere she appeared, next to Gabe, smiling, and posing for pictures. Hilarious and well-received by all. Look at her! She's CHEEZIN' for the camera!! She cracked us all up!


Miss Zoey Grace spotted me taking pics and made a beeline for mom-mom! SWEET! (you can see molly wasn't budging from the photo op)


Vegas theme all the way down to scratcher tickets at the purple tables...Did you win anything, Shauna?

vegas theme
Family Dance

family dance

Stop singing mom! How Embarrassing!


And she came up with on her own, a bracelet and beads...she NEVER wears
jewelry....yet tonight? Tonight we're stylin'


Shauna pickin' on brother Bill


Ally's mom Chris (Naw Naw) with Zoey, and Bill's Angela in the background dancing with Molly...Molly danced with EVERYONE!!


Sideways view of Molly dancing to the Black eyed's dark, and you can't see her face...but the joy is oozing out all over!!

Some Girly Line Dancing


Good Friends joined in, Bree and her little girl, born the same time as Molly, Emily...who also was acting as a photog...need to get her camera results


Shauna got Aubrey Jo a tutu, and she put it over her jammies and wore it ALL NIGHT!


Mom-mom (that's me) and Papa Larry left early with the babies, who were all partied out at about 9pm. We had a "family suite" that came with a nice bunk set (full on the bottom and well-railed on top) and the we were ready.


I am so very proud of this couple...they started out as college-party kids...fell in love, became serious students, became parents, and then completed their undergrads while working, studying, planning a wedding and reception, and raising their children. They didn't choose the easiest path to go, but they both stepped up and did it with a style and grace that is just amazing!

Cheers to the newlyweds, I'm anxious to see this new life you are embarking on, and relish the pride of another daughter being added to my brood.

first dance

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

March 2nd

I've been busy dealing with the end of winter...and the viruses that come with it. It's all my own fault....I decided to celebrate the fact that for the FIRST time since molly was born we have made it without a case of pneumonia.

About a week after that statement, her lungs filled up and we started the dance. I am still hoping that we stay at "bronchitis" and that's as far as it progresses, as we start our 2nd round of antibiotics. *sigh*

We've added a whole house generator, finally, but that's all the big news for the's been just WONDERFULLY boring at our house...just the way we love it. There is so much to be said for a "drama-free" life.

We are prepping for Gabe and Ally's big celebration this coming weekend, so I'll have lots to share next week...for now, I'm going to hijack Dave Hingsburger's Blog. He says so well what's in all of our hearts.... tomorrow is the day we change society and the way they view our children.



The People Who 'ARE'


It's in the press again. I search to find out the context of the word. I see debates all over the web, people bemoaning the 'politically correct' and the 'word police' and making ridiculous claims about having to ban the concept of a 'fire retardant'. Last I looked there's never been a protest about products that protect from fire. Last I looked there's only ever been protests about the use of a word that demeans a group of people.

No matter what the fearless defenders of freedom of speech say, there is a huge difference between a word to describe something that slows fire and someone who learns differently. There's a huge difference between a thing and a person - but, no, maybe not. After reading their diatribes regarding their freedom to spit out hurtful words, they may, really, not see people with disabilities as fully human with a human heart capable human hurt.

People mock the concept of respectful language regarding disability. People make odd arguments about the latest gaffe by ... no, I won't say her name here ... they say 'she was saying that of herself not anyone else' - um, so? The word she used was one referring, not to a commercial product, but to an oppressed minority. Yet the debate rages on and the fierceness of the attack by those who are proponents of the use of hate language are both hysterical and who often purposely miss the point. One wonders what's at stake - their personal liberty to hurt others?

It's time to recognize that the 'R' word is an attack against who people with with intellectual disabilities 'are', it is an attack against the group that they belong to. It is like other words that exist to slur an entire people, unacceptable. The fact that people do not see the seriousness of the word and the attack it represents is simply a result of the fact that they do not take the 'people' who wear that label seriously. The concerns of those with intellectual disabilities have always been diminished and trivialized. There is a sneaking suspicion that they 'don't understand, poor dears', that they 'miss the point, little lambs' so therefore their anger need not be feared as justified.

The people who 'ARE' what the 'R' word refers to have a long history.

They have been torn from families and cast into institutions.

They have been beaten, hosed down, over medicated, under nourished, sterilized, brutalized, victimized.

They have been held captive, have been enslaved, have had their being given over to the state.

They are the group in society most likely to be physically, sexually and financially abused.

They are the group least likely to see justice, experience fair play, receive accommodation or support within the justice system.

They are the group most likely to be bullied, most likely to be tyrannized, most likely to be the target of taunts.

They are the least likely to have their hurt taken seriously, physical hurt, emotional hurt, spiritual hurt.

They are most likely to be ignored when they speak of pain, have their words diminished by an assumption of diminished capacity.

They are the least likely to ever be seen as equal, as equivalent and entirely whole.

They are the victim of some of the most widespread and pervasive prejudices imaginable.

They are those that the Nazi's thought unworthy of life, they are those targeted by geneticists for non-existence, they need fear those who wear black hats and those who wear white coats.

They are educated only under protest, they are included as a concession rather than a right, they are neighbours only because petitions failed to keep them out.

They are kept from the leadership of their own movement, they are ignored by the media, their stories are told to glorify Gods that they do not worship.

That they are a 'people' is questioned even though they have a unique history, a unique voice, a unique perception of the world.

That they are a 'community' is questioned even though they have commonality, they have mutual goals, they have a collective vision of the future.

That they are have a legitimate place at the table is questioned simply because no one's ever offered a seat.

They are a people.

They ask for respect and receive pity.

They ask for fair play and are offered charity.

They ask for justice and wipe spittle off their face.

They ask to silence words that brutalize them and their concerns are trivialized.

They ask to walk safely through their communities and yet bullies go unpunished.

They ask to participate fully and they are denied access and accommodation and acceptance.

And this is NOW.

This is the people who have walked the land of the long corridor, who have waited at the frontier of our bias to finally be here, now. They have survived. They have come home. They have continued, silently and without fanfare, to take hold of freedom and live with dignity. They have given everything they have for what others take for granted. Their civil liberties are perceived as 'gifts' as 'tokens' and as 'charity'. Their rights are seen as privileges. Their movement is, as of yet, unacknowledged. They are a people recently emancipated, new citizens, who are tentatively discovering their voice.

It is a voice not yet heard.

It is a voice not yet respected.

It is a voice not yet understood.

But it is speaking.

And when it is finally heard. The world will change.

The 'R' word is an attack on a people who know discrimination. Tremble when you say it. Because those who should know better will be held accountable to those who know best.