Sunday, March 15, 2009


I have had the opportunity to meet some of the funniest women in the world...and got to catch up with one this week.

We both used to manage competing food marts, and one of the funniest things i ever saw in a newspaper ad was HER store offering a 1 pound pkg of BOWLES for $2.99! (a typo that should have read bowls) Cracked me up and i grabbed a copy of the ad and ran right over to ask her if these were in the meat dept? or freezer section???

Bone (her old name, which i won't let up on, cuz it was funny, too) came in today. She has been a SAHM, something I'm really jealous of (thanks bernard for crashing my 401-I hope you share a cell with big-bubba-roid-rage-ralph) her for being able to do that...but she's changed her status. She's blonde, pretty, not fat at all...but well built. A brick.

"So, what are you doing these days?"

I know it's coming when her eyes start to twinkle

"I am an over-sized escort"

It took me about 10 seconds of gaping mouth-confusion-face to figure out she was TALKING about driving a little truck in front of the "wide-load" semi tractors!

We laughed till we cried...she says it doesn't pay alot...but with a title like that?
who cares!! Love ya, Bone! You made my day!
We are celebrating a huge step for molly this week...many of you saw me hinting about it on FaceBook!

At molly's school, they have a drive-thru-drop-off section. Since 9-11 they don't want alot of parents wandering around the halls. I've been driving molly in, in the mornings (she had been having trouble with all the chaos on the bus) and we get to park in the handicap section, and walk in. (parent parking is about a mile away..and i don't have a placard, but the school understands how slow molly can walk and granted us permission)

So, we still have to get in the car-line, and watch what the other kids are doing, to get to our parking place. The parents pull up to a stop sign in an area teachers are manning, grab their backpacks, jump out of their cars and walk in a crosswalk to the front doors of the school.

This week, I also stopped at the stop sign and looked at molly and told her to go, like the big kids. It took a couple of days, but on friday, she successfully , with no prompting, opened her car door, grabbed her back pack, and walked to the front door, to a waiting aide!!


Of course i drive around into the forbidden area to make sure she's connected with her aide, and on Friday??? Molly shot me the stink eye! I guess i shouldn't be checking up on a big girl!


a few shots from the week....When Bill came to pick up Bree, he brought brother Josh and his son Haden. Although Josh is the "brother with another mother" cannot tell by looks, or attitude at home, that he is not mine. The three boys are CLONES!! And Haden seems to be following suit.


Hatten the Cat likes to stretch out in weird positions to sleep...what a goofy cat (i thru molly's croc in there for size proportion...he's HUGE!)


Sarge gets nervous when Larry and Kelsi take off for a soccer ball, and a sliced tire keeps them away for hours! (oh yea, come monday we're wrapping the Tahoe in some decent rubber...I will be BROKE!)


It's hard work worrying and waiting, so he was resting his big nose on the table that ALWAYS has a bowl of pretzels on it!

And yes, THIS WEEK is KELSI'S spring break...YAY!! Molly is excited to have someone to watch "oswald" with...although "Ducky" (mollys name for her) usually is hooked up to the lap top, japanamation, and emo bands. Shes 16 now.


I love my house, and the fact that any given weekend, we can have 5-15 members of family hanging around, and just being "home"

Have a great St Patty's Day week. Everyone's Irish This week! Even Barrack!!


Moonfairy said...

Over-sized escort!!!! I LOVE IT!!! LOL!!

Maria said...

You never said if I was the Maria you were referring too, but I guess I was :)
OMG, we have the same exact set up at Ms.T.'s school and for the last few times I have driven her in (when she refuses to take the bus),she too will walk to the door with the aide waiting! I kind of like that system!
I have had the hell of a weekend...our god daughter will be born in OK 3/23 and the mom was sicker than a dog over the weekend;luckily both mom and Halli are fine!
My stepdad had a hip replacement last Thurs. and immediately went into caridiac arrest and had a triple bypass Friday!He's in Boston some distance from me and when I spoke to him on the phone today, he sounded so weak...I so want to to be there for him. We plan to go Sat. I hope it all works out!
College SPRING BREAK for me this week and time to renew my passport,as we are entertaining thoughts about seeing Australia in 2110!!
Most of ALL:
CONGRATS to Molly!!!! Your friends in mass. are so proud of you!!!
Hugs to Molly and AJ,x0x0x Maria aka "D"