Sunday, August 30, 2009

A new week, hopefully a better attitude

Sorry about my rant last time. If you continue to follow the blog, you will continue to see the rants I'm afraid. Like millions of other moms, facing millions of other disorders (some life threatening so I am feeling somewhat ashamed of the rant) we continue plugging along.

2009 school start

(first day of school, thank GOD that oversized shirts and
leggings are back in! She added the headband around her

She's been very excited about school...she's out to the car before I am dressed, and jabberwocking at home when she's done!

Sadly, we didn't make it one week without drama. I understand she was pushing some classmates around on thursday, and was banned from recess as a result. I'm trying to be open-minded about things, but had put "NO banning recess" into the IEP. It's so important for her to get out, that it will actually EASE her issues. Now I have to try and attempt to see WHY no one is listening to me, without pissing anyone off. That could mean they would just make her give up recess, and not tell me about it. THIS IS THE PART THAT SUX!

This past weekend, we went to Joplin for a big ham-fest Larry wanted to be involved with. Not really my cup of tea, but i drag him all over the country for things I'm interested in..soooooooooo

It started off bad...Molly thought we were naturally going to see Aubrey Jo. She talks about it all the time. I mean all the time...she's obsessed. She brings me my shoes and says Aubrey Jo! She continued to babble all the way..."Aubrey Jo", "Babe" (what she calls Gabe) and we even heard a Jager (the choc lab) When we bypassed Springfield, and i mean THE SECOND we got off on the 65 bypass, we heard a holler from the backseat. It always amazes me that she always knows right where we are! She has been gifted with the sense of direction left out of my DNA. ...and sometimes that is a bad thing.

I do not have the wall charger thingy to her DVD player...i had them all packed up together, she got into it, i hid it...and when it was time to leave, i could NOT remember where i hid it. That is how it is at my house...I'm constantly trying to put things out of her reach...she is constantly on a mission to find those places...and the house is constantly in disarray. If you go to a house, where one child is Autistic...don't form any opinions on the housekeeping techniques of that is what it is....i saw photos of a mom's house who had ALL kids with autism, and laughed when i saw all their mattresses on floors. We have a blow up on mollys floor because she "tornado" sleeps...and nothing is going to keep her in the confines of a "normal" bed.

So, we get to the holiday inn, she realizes that there is not going to be any Aubrey Jo, and meltsdown in the parking lot...she is not even going IN to the hotel. I might add that there a few hundred people glancing off at this incident. And to add the explanation point to the situation, she pees her pants. UGH! (she's not done this in weeks)

To decompress the situation, i pull out the DVDs, but of course the charger i DID grab isn't going to work today....and to top it off, walmart is out of stock of both types of these chargers. They will never have any idea of how important being 'instock' is to costumers.....

The meal at Olive Garden was great...but molly ate nothing. She is still on "Aubrey Jo" strike.

We call for bedding for the rollout...and they bring it at about she slept with us, on a horrible bed, leaving ALL of us sore and grumpy Saturday morning.

Larry gets up and is still rarin' to go to the meet...but molly and i lag behind. I'm determined to make this a better day. We head for the pool. It's an indoor pool and covered in bugs. YUCK! so her and i get into the hot tub, and then go to a fine breakfast buffet, which has all of her favorites on it. She again, doesn't eat.

Things settle down when we check out and head over to the convention center...the DVD charger for the car is working well....and she's finally a happy camper. I kind of wanted to check out the museum, but didn't want to chance a there we were in the parking lot, watching a dora dvd, and reading the 2nd book of Twilight..and watching her consume her first meal in two days. THAT is why we make the effort to keep things "in molly order". She doesn't ask much, but if it's not there, it's all chaos to her.

We did get a little AJ time on the way home, but not enough by the screaming and crying that happened for 10 miles after we left Aubreys house.

leaving Aubrey

We had just caught ally on her way out, so only got 1/2 hour or
so, and no Gabe (he was working) but it WAS a joy to see our little
miss-growing-too-fast. Aubrey has so much more hair, is saying "molly" and laughed and loved on her funny aunt. She really didn't have time for Gramma....cuz it's all about molly. Very Sweet.

View this montage created at One True Media
Molly says Aubrey Jo 8/30/09

sweet stuff

so that was the first week of school, and a shot at a fun
weekend, sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't

i continue to have hopes and doubts...and i have business to attend to.

For right now, i can promise you...Autism Still Sux


ABandCsMom said...

The bond between the two girls just melts my heart. I just love it!

datri said...

Yeah, Autism sucks. Kayla spent the morning stimming in the middle of crowded shoe store -- when she wasn't yanking the saleslady's hair, that is.

As far as behaviors in school, have they done a Functional Behavioral Analysis and developed a Behavioral Intervention Plan?

If they have, they legally need to follow through or they are out of compliance.

If they haven't, legally they NEED to do one. Here's a page on Wrightslaw:

Maria said...

E, listening to Molly say Aubrey Jo ROCKED.

Emily starts her new school and sped placement tomorrow I'm both terrified and hopeful.

How is sign class going?

Maria said...

Ms.T. is "punished" the same way;if she misbehaves, they take her recess away and it just KILLS me! That's her MOST fave thing ever, to be outside playing. I like your idea of adding to IEP:"Banning taking recess away." I'd like to try that for the next IEP.
Hugs from Mass. x0x0x