Monday, October 05, 2009

equine therapy...first day

flikno jeans (she won't wear them)
no boots (sketcher croc's)
no idea of whats coming:

Horse Lady "Does she talk?"

me: "not much...the words are there but she rarely uses them"

H.L. "Molly would you like to touch the horses nose?"

M "no, thank you"

"Would you like to help me saddle the horse?"

"no, thank you"

first day 6

"you have to wear a helmet"


"Would you like to walk up a step ladder and get on the horse?"

"no, thank you"

"How about if dad helps you on a ramp?"

first day 7

Now, molly's fav noise to make when she's riding anything is
whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (from little bear) but everytime
she gets excited on the horse? He STOPS! WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

first day 4

"you only say whoa if you want the horse to stop, tell the horse to stop"

"stop, horse"

"wook! me! Dah-ey!"

first day 2

the sarge had his hand on the saddle as he walked beside her, after about 5 minutes?

"no dah-ee" she removed his hand..."go, horse"

first day 0

Mrs Roberts from school was there working out her pony, as was a little barrel racer girl...everytime they trotted by us?? SHE WOULD WAVE!! AND SAY HI!!! (miraculous...she doesn't even wave at ME!)

first day of horse therapy

So that was the first day...we only rode for about a half hour, and she dismounted perfectly! Tomorrow? Mommy's gonna go find a couple pair of ropers (mommy had her crocs on, too...EW!)

Oh and then Amy Ostertag's butt called me!! GREAT KARMA DAY!!


datri said...

That is so wonderful!! Kayla loves hippotherapy!

Maria said...

I think this totally ROCKS. I wish we could do this for Em but it's just too much money and there are no grants for it here :(

Moonfairy said...

That's so exciting! I hope it helps!

Anonymous said...

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