Saturday, October 31, 2009


i KNOW!! my life AGAIN got out of control, and my puter is beginning that three-year-old slow down, as well as the sattelite being out from the blogging has not been at the top of my priority list! I am sure it will be very frustrating to do today, so bear with me....and btw, ??? who is using a MAC??? do send me notes as i may be leaning that way this time around.

ok..last time i was telling you how the trees hadn't changed it's done! We had a week of cool, rainy (understatement...more like flooding/dangerous/water rescues)and windy weather, so most of the leaves have peaked and are now blanketing the ground.




THEN I went to Phoenix to meet up with my girlfriends...we do this once a year, and for most of us it's the only weekend away from our special kids we get. My first time was reallyyyyyyyyyyy hard to do, but now i look forward to that weekend every year. To make things perfect, i left the cool, rainy, autumn, and flew right into a 100 degree summer. Mo was the perfect hostest with her awesome home, wonderful family, and inground pool/hottub. And I'm not going to say we party all the time, but i will say, no matter where we are, as long as we're together? It's a Party! I LOVE YOU SISTAHS!! THANK YOU!


2009 girls

Got home just in time to greet my parents. Sis Patty Ann, Hubby Dale, and the standard foo foo poodle followed them on the drive down (from colo spgs) We got a day to spend together and I watched as my BIL marveled at the quiet of the Ozarks woods.



The next weekend? Both the Boys, and Angela and Aubrey Jo popped in for a surprise weekend visit!! YAY!! While they were here, we tracked shauna running the Marine Corp Marathon that sunday morning! She finished with a 3:37!! That qualifies her to run in the BOSTON!! although beings it's in april...i think we'll be shooting for Boston in 2011! WTG SHAUNA~! (pics to come later!)


and now?? ITS TRICK OR TREAT TIME!! Molly and i are on our way to town (i think the continuous crappy weather has squashed a trip to the pumpkin patch)to get one jack o latern, and then off to the Trunk or Treat tonight...Yesterday was the school party!


Our other gfriend at school, was a real rockstar, complete with wireless mike! cracked me UP!


In case you were wondering...molly still has a red-headed boyfriend



So...that's what Ive been up to, and why Im not at the puter...I have definitely not been
bored ........but seriously? Am looking forward to a little bit of it!

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