Sunday, November 15, 2009

Veteran's Day

We had a very special Vets Day in our little town....for two reasons

My dad was here


Andy Ingalsbe got to come home....He's our local teacher who also serves, i think he was on his 4th tour, when he caught enemy fire right in the gut. We were sooooo scared as they could not even get him stabilized to get to Germany for awhile. He finally made it there, and then on to Walter Reed where they have got him all patched up and on the road to total recovery!

He's home till Dec 3, and then has to return to Walter Reed for more follow up surgery. GOOD LUCK ANDY!!

we started with a parade...and an Airman (Mr. Garrett) came over to stand with mom and i, telling us about all his sons who were also airman!! He was also proud of the fact that he could still wear the uniform...too cute!


And of course, besides a flyover, the parade started out with the troops!


And J Peterman of the sheriff's office! (he used to play basketball with my kids at fairview, and his mom works with me)


and bands and cars and horses and was one of the biggest Vets parade we've ever had!!

Of course, we had to put dad on a float..

Then on to the big luncheon! We were met by a handsome marine, who helped mom out when she needed it most...I don't know who you are...but THANK YOU!!

the Marine that saved mom

Inside i was happy to see Coach Don and Bonnie Long. They helped raise my kids, both being teachers at Fairview, Don teaching the kids to reach far beyond what they thought they could achieve. Bonnie commented on how Shauna HATED running long distance and giggled at the fact that she was now a marathoner, and told me her Luke (shaunas class) had just finished an Iron Man Triathalon! WTG LUKE!! Bonnie is Andy's wife's Sister.

Coach Don & Bonnie Long (sister in law to Andy)

And another shout out and thanks to this young man, who made sure dad got on the float, and then stayed with him till he was seated at the dinner. I should know him, and my heart shuttered when I saw him later gather with all the Purple Heart Receipients. God Bless


Inside a GENERAL made the presentation of Andy's Purple Heart ....He was explaining to us that this was such an honor for HIM, as usually he just puts the medals on the soldiers pillows as they evac this point? He quietly broke down, and all of us cried for all the soldiers. Obviously he had placed many purple hearts on many pillows but didn't get to have too many ceremonies after that.

It was a very moving meeting.


He immediately turned the show over to Andy's original recruiter, and long-time friend, who actually made the presentation.

The original recruiter/friend

God Bless you All

One of many decorated for the day

all the photos from the day, awesome especially if you love old cars and Harley Davidsons...are here:


On to family news!! The little sonogram was from my newest (#2) grandbaby who is on the way! He/She will be here the first week in April and i hope to be able to tell you next week, what colors i will be buying...PINK OR BLUE!! Thanks Gabe & Ally for keeping my MOM-MOM title in use!!

Shauna has decided to sign up for the Boston Marathon, ALSO in APRIL! So that's going to be a huge month for us....after this december of course..SHE'S COMING HOME!! Having my kids home for the holidays is all i ever want!! Speaking of which, i think im going to set the tree up today.....I KNOW!!!! can't help it...too exciting for miss molly!

The boys are here hunting deer at camp, and i was SUPPOSE to be baby sitting miss Aubrey Jo, but the work schedule didn't work we anxiously are awaiting our next visit. Molly gets up every morning looking for details of the day...and if it's "no school" day?? the first thing she does is bring me a pic of Aubrey Jo...telling me she wants to do a road trip!! She loves that baby girl obsessively! (just like mom-mom)

Hopefully, i'll be able to post some camp pics next week, with big ole bucks hanging from the it stands? All hunters are skunked, and the inaugural chili pot is empty. The deer are winning!! (we had to turn the air on today...that could have something to do with it..hahahahaha)Don't worry boys...there is a front moving in, lots of rain and cold wind, and I'm sure that will bring the deer out!!

Have a great week!! and remember to Thank a Veteran if you get the opportunity!

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