Sunday, December 27, 2009

wow, is it over?

It's over...i can tell by the load of laundry on my bed waiting to be put away.....It seems all fun ends with my laundry...which is why it's almost always in baskets! UGH!

We got shauna home...and she remains precious! Molly was thrilled, as were all of us, and she brought a new cooking technique to us from a french girlfriend, which also was embraced and to become a part of our traditions...the pumpkin soup poured over roasted nuts, and mulled wine were both delicious & health conscience. For the first time in forever?? My time was not all spent in the kitchen...she LIVED in there! YAY! Hattin the Cat...who moved back to the ozarks after being too pent up in a studio apt..was more than thrilled to have her home!

Christmas morning was full of molly presents and fun....Molly just doesn't rip thru paper, she wants to play with or try on each gift as it is given....she opened her new coat first, and it remained on for most of the morning!

As well it should, given the fact that we actually had a white Christmas!! This is also something very uncommon in these parts (missouri) but more than welcome! Grandpa and Sarge couldn't wait to get at it!

We usually just get gifts for the kids, but Grandma & Pa surprised us with something I've been looking at all season, but just couldn't justify spending the money on....what a surprise that it was a gift for grandpas best buddies, Hattin and Lucifer! A cat tower!!Shoulda figured!!

Or maybe he just got it for them, to get them off of their favorite place to stay...on HIS BED!!

Then, we travelled back to Spg, to see the boys albeit too short of time, as we had to hustle girl-child back to the airport.....I did get the rare opportunity to have them all in the same room at the same time. Merry Christmas, Mommy!!

The hardest part to my "little angel" was letting go of all her siblings. Molly keeps pretty good control of herself, and really tries hard to act appropriately....but there were no holds barred when we had to say goodbye. She screamed all the way from gabes to the airport...finally stopping with the vocals, but still shaking her hands...and then it started all over when she saw shauna gathering her bags to run into the airport. Daddy had to make an emergency McDonald's nothing soothes the tortured soul in Molly's eyes, then some Mickey D's French Fries!! *whew* It's ok Molly...momma feels the same way!

I'll leave yall with 'dare-devil' baby...Aubrey is at her Peak in the getting-into-trouble phase! Hope Your Christmas was as good as mine, and that you have less laundry to put away!!

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