Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Guys...we're doing a mid-week update, because my kid is SUCH a HOOT!

Last night was the Christmas Pageant...grades 2 and 3. Very well put together, and adorable! I dropped Molly off at her room, and asked the teach (after seeing no aides were around) if i needed to stay? or go get a seat.....Teach takes me out to the hall....just giggling. She says "nope, the only trouble we've been having with her is she keeps grabbing the mike, and saying this longggggggg story!" She told me it was too cute....but other than that, she's good with the group, knows where she needs to be, and knows all the songs! YAY!

So, she's up on stage singing her songs..and there are 3 mike stands at the front. 4 kids each line up behind each mike stand, and say their parts of a little play. Then we see it. Behind the middle mike...Molly has assumed a position at the end of the line of kids.

(this is their adorable little costumes...and the infamous microphone. Molly is just behind the little boy in green sonic shirt, in the middle)

Cmas Pgnt 1

The last kid says his part...and then molly steps up......(at this point I'm thinking God Bless Music Teachers Everywhere!!!) She motions to molly the "Hurry Up" sign language, and starting with a wee voice, and then clearing her throat...my non-verbal daughter reaches her mouth up to the mike and says....

"bub bub.....bub bub bub"

And then turns around to take her spot on the riser.

HILLARIOUS!!!! and everyone enjoyed her ending remarks!! The sarge almost pooped em and I was rolling.

Just cuz you're not a big conversationalist...doesn't mean you can't be the star of the show!


(this is her...her costume now on the floor in front of her....standing next to "Bobert" who continues to be the main man in her life at school)

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