Monday, January 04, 2010


Well, it was ALMOST over! Ha! I didn't think our new year's celebration was going to amount to much, but it turned out WONDERFUL!!

Not big party-people anymore, we did get hats and horns and champagne...The sarge was due to take off for KC in the morning early to get Kelsi Shae for a visit, so him and molly retired at the usual bedtime, but gramma & grampa & the dogs and I stayed up, vowing to AT LEAST make it to 11pm, when we could celebrate with the New Yorkers, Anderson Cooper, and my fav girl, miss potty mouth, Kathy Griffin!

and a kiss to start it off!!

I had to work New Years Morning, so after the festivities headed right for bed, only to start fielding phone calls when the REAL New Year happened from all my kiddos (except the new parents, who also were snoozing) and STILL got up feeling like I'd partied all night! UGH!

Since i had to work, the sarge took Molly Kate to see Aubrey Jo in Springfield. That's her favorite trip for sure...still i was surprised when waking her (she's a heavy sleeper and despises having to get up for school) that all i had to do was whisper in her ear...."molly? do you want to go see aubrey jo this morning?"

She was up, dressed, and handing Larry his coat in about 5 minutes!! "Huuuuuuweeeeeeeee!"

On the way home? He brought me the best present! Not only was he packing Kelsi and Molly...but grabbed "Jo Jo" too! I had a long weekend coming (school doesn't resume here till Tuesday) so baby came and played with us!!

Jo Jo is VERY verbal (19 months old now), and the funniest little skunk you've ever seen! She's into everything so i had to implement some emergency tacktics to keep her out of my "cleaning" cupboards

Gabe even showed up for a biscuit and gravy Sunday Breakfast! He commented on molly's weight gain by yelling.."Who has a fat belly???!!" Immediately Jo Jo ran over and lifted up Larry's shirt!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAH poor larry!

And trust me, Big Gabe and Little Bill are the only men in my family that can clean and jerk this load!

And he whipped up some snow ice cream for us! Breakfast dessert!

Everyone is on their way home now, at home, and it's quiet around here. I'm cleaning up and getting ready for the work/school rush tomorrow, which is going to be slow-going...they forcasted a 'dusting' of snow as a possiblilty for the new year, but we ended up with about 4 inches! Not much to my yankee neighbors, but we have NO SNOW REMOVAL EQUIPMENT!! Down here? it doesn't happen enough to warrent you just wait for it to melt.

but im not complaining...Molly LOVES the snow!! Good thing..just got the news that now TUESDAY school is called off!!

I get to fly around and do all sorts of fun stuff....but having a load of girls together for some weekend fun seems to top the list! Not that we don't have our moments...Jo Jo was pickin' on Aunt Molly, grabbed her beloved bag of cheeze pretzels, and just showered the room with them! Course "mom-mom" doesn't really get excited about stuff like that, but daddy thought it needed to be addressed....this is aubrey telling me "sowwy" and Aunt Molly, unphased, running thru with a new bag! No harm, No foul! (she has THE sweetest little voice!)

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