Saturday, January 23, 2010


Saturday and it's weekly shopping/chore day. My mom likes to get away, and we always take molly and practice our 'big girlness' in public. All in all it was a good trip. We grabbed a happy meal, ran into some friends and went to "not my" store....(Sorry big W, but the last thing a retailer wants to do on a day off is shop, and worse than that? Go to work to do bad.)

Molly has taken over gramma's cart and is pushing it well, and only adding things to it she thinks we need (oreos, cheetos and a mylar balloon) and all is good that is, until we get to the check out. I have one cart unloading it, and she is right behind me with her cart, when she starts screaming, and not a frustrated scream...a real one...i look, and sure enough, she has managed to get her arm stuck in a gap of the cart, AND IT HURTS!! (enough to cause spontaneous bladder explosion)

So im rushing to her, and just as i make it, she dislodges herself, rips her coat off, throws it, and really starts crying while rubbing the back of her arm.

No one....i mean NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON came to our aid. Pretty uncommon in these parts...pretty uncommon for store management....oh, don't get me wrong, everyone GAWKED at her...but no one came to help.

She, after all, looks different. She was probably screaming, because she has Down Syndrome.


and i keep waiting for this rainy stinkin' week to get better.

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My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. So sorry for the shopping trauma. Gosh it would have been nice for someone to help.