Saturday, January 30, 2010

goodbye January!

We're finishing the month off with another big snow! No ice, thankfully, and i was already scheduled YAY! We're entertaining ourselves with movies, cooking, and the neverending game of baseball!

Yes, it's a carrot bat (from last year's Easter) and yes, she taps her shoes with it before she Albert. Too much sports TV in this house FOR SURE!! (those are the boots she put on when she THOUGHT she was going to play in the snow..she's HACKED!)

Miss Molly, by edict of Big Daddy, is banned from playing outside...She has been home all week with a sinus infection, and even though we've been on the Zithro...she doesn't seem a whole lot better....if anything her symptoms are worse! All that stuff lodged up in her head is making the big escape.

The puppies seem to be LOVING the new snow! Wayyyy to cold for us to play in it!

My little Memory Garden Angel is 12 inches tall:

If you look can see molly, boo-hooing in the window..she wants to come and play!!

Even "city-kitty" got into the action

Heard my little JoJo, and her mom (pregnant-due in April) ALSO are down with a bug.. a stomach bug!! bummer...REALLY a bummer as TODAY IS ALLYSON'S BIRTHDAY!! Happy Bday, Ally...feel better soon. She is SO beautiful, inside and out..and we feel SO blessed to have her in our family! Your birthday present (was Christmas present) will get to you soon, as soon as the snow melts! Sorry we couldn't be there today!

Miss Aubrey JoJo came for a visit last sunday, with Uncle Bill, Ang, and her daddy....always a party

the boys came to (play x-box) set up my surround sound, and Ang came to do homework. She's putting herself through college and I'm SOOOOOO proud of her!!

Shauna is Prepping for the Boston Marathon, and this storm hit DC this morning, right in the middle of an 18 mile run...she had to knock off early as she didn't have goggles on...HAVE FUN WITH OUR SNOW!!

Jo Jo is getting to be a big girl...besides being in the "always in trouble" monkeybutt stage:

she is attempting to dress herself!

SHE REMAINS TOO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! She also hid one of the Sarge's slippers, which for the life of us we cannot find!! LMAO!

Gabe was happy to drive in the snow to get her stuff...he's doing it in a new CAR!! (great Bday present if you ask me) Their first big purchase together that was made all on their own! Makes a mommy proud.(Hyundai Tuscon)

I stay humbled by the blessings that are my family.

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