Saturday, February 06, 2010

Rahm Emanuel + Rush Limbaugh =A Pair of BOOBS!

Well, here we go again....Years of work by parents united, who know the love a precious child-one who does not see your skin color, your sexual orientation, or what designer clothes you are wearing. One who demonstrates the true meaning of Christianity by only seeing you for what your are....and loving you for that gift.

This was blown away in a week by a presidential staff member, and a radio (prejudice pig) talk show host....I'M SO ANGRY!!

And what do i hear from the so-called enlightened people around me?

"what's the big deal? it's just a word!!"


"Im sick of all this PC crap"

"It's just a word"

yea, there are many words in the dictionary...double them in the 'urban dictionary' which Rush kept quoting from all day yesterday....THE URBAN DICTIONARY is a web site where anyone can go type in ANYTHING in for a definition!! Trust me, I'm about to go over there and insert some definitions for Rush. I can't believe he was so ignorant as to quote IT, as if it was some kind of reference book!! What a JERK!

"It's just a word"

the N word-also just a word...try walking down a street in East St Louis, and yelling THAT out!! No?? Why??? BECAUSE SOMEONE would step up and MAKE YOU PAY!! You see, the group of people that this insult is aimed at? CAN DEFEND THEMSELVES!! best stick to making fun of inncocent children.

Another word..."fag" ...oh yea...that USED to be what we called cigarettes...but not now...This particular group of people, who the word was designed to degrade...gathered together in a PAC and attacked Washington DC right where they needed elections. I can almost bet the house that Rahm Emanuel would never spit THAT word out when he was angry! It would cost the democrats the White House!!

And then there was Matthew Shepherd....a young man murdered at the hands of red-necked, ignorant, hillbillies...who thought it was ok to beat a man to death, just because of who he was. Kind of sealed the deal with that word...NO ONE uses it one with any intelligence at all.

Really?? Does it really have to come to that???


well sure you do....but do you also possess the couth NOT to??? Do you possess the humanity not to?? Are you a believer? Do you know that our children come right from the heart of the Creator? Does your church teach you to diss those who do not measure up to your standards??? Really? Mine teaches to Love thy Neighbor.

We also have the right to bear arms, but NOT the right to use them in a dangerous and reckless manner. You also do not have the right to use hate-language in a dangerous and reckless way. That also is Law!

"I'm sick of all this PC crap"

Did you know that children with Down Syndrome are 1 in 300 conceptions? Did you know that those children falling on the Autism Spectrum are now 1 in 100?? 1 in 70 in boys!! Did you know that even though YOU don't feel the need to be politically correct, that chances are 1 of the 4 people that just heard you.... Now Despise You!! They are dealing with a situation in their family..maybe something you weren't aware of. You've just lost the respect of a peer, and maybe a friend.

And while I'm at it? If you are on the clock? YOU CANNOT USE THIS KIND OF LANGUAGE!! It not only disrepects the company you are representing, but makes your co-workers KNOW that you are truely unprofessional and undeserving of any respect in your chosen field. We shouldn't have to have policy that directs it, but you know what? In my company?? WE WILL!!

Ultimately, it's cowardice, ignorance, and just totally immaturity. If you feel comfortable in using all of these hate words when you're at a social function?....when it's "just you few' in a circle...THAT'S PURE CHICKEN SH*T!! Come up to my face and tell me your "hillarious" joke, why don't you??? Let me put it to you in a way you can better understand....I dare you...hell, i DOUBLE DARE YA!!

My child may not possess the the understanding of a Hate Crime....but HER MOMMA DOES. She may not fight to defend herself or her peers as she doesn't have a mean bone in her body...


try me.

and a post script...thanks Jackie!!


My name is Sarah said...

AMEN Sister!!!! This is Joyce. I am right there with you. I don't think I have ever in Sarah's 20 years been more annoyed at someone as I am at this Limbaugh jerk. What a fool.

e said...

thanks joyce...i half EXPECT Limbaugh to spew hate...but my heart broke when Rahm Emanuel's statement was released.

I don't think come election time...I'm going to get over it.


Allyson said...
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Allyson said...


Debbie Yost said...

Well said. I have not personally heard Limbaugh's comments, but I know the gist. I never liked him before and always thought he was a jerk, but he certainly proved that again.