Sunday, February 28, 2010

welcome back to the frozen tundra

This has undoubtedly been the longest winter i can remember down here...longest and coldest, although we're thankful for no big ice storms leaving us without last year!

That is a budding back yard tree, with a very red bird in it...there are fat pregnant robbins all over, and we heard a couple of tree frogs start to sing. That, and the hiway covered in mating skunks carcasses (makes driving erratic at best as you try to dodge them) lets me know we are almost done with the winter blues! YAY!

We've been is the first nice day in months..but still a little chilly, and everyone has been recouping from yucky we're still laying pretty low.

funny stuff...i forced molly to try some candy, today. It simply amazes me that a child would not like candy! Aubrey Jo yells "TANNY!" everytime she see gramma! Molly has nothing to do with it. She got some Fun Dip for valentines day,the powdery stuff with a stick to lick and stick?? i was showing her how it works, and then slipped some onto her tongue when she wasn't looking. She STUCK HER TONGUE OUT and ran to the kitchen to get a towel, tongue protruding as far as possible..grabbed a washcloth and WIPED IT OFF!! *sigh* What a kid!

We had Aubrey last week, and had a 19 months, she is speaking in full sentances,is in full Monkey-butt mode and remains quite the handful! She is soooo Gabe at that age....really fun unless you take your eyes off of her for one second. Ally and Gabe are expecting Baby #2 soon! Due date is the first week of April...but there is NO WAY she is going that long. Gaby Baby #2 is lookin pretty big, although Ally isn't gaining much. Doc said she was a postergirl for pregnant mommies. WTG ALLY!

The girls both traveled together well...giggled all the way in the way back seat

shared a stroller at the mall

and no...we didn't even THINK to put one of them in the basket!

tried on each other's clothes:

And basically kept us all entertained. We already miss her, but not enough to keep her more than a she missed her mommy and daddy, too.

Not much else going on...just waiting for spring and OUTDOOR FUN!

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