Monday, January 18, 2010

Is it really wrong to drink in the morning?


I could NOT find the cheese pretzels this morning...BLASPHEME!!

The sarge put some regular ones in her bowl (yes, she has a bowl, and it better be the one with the lips on the side, because the plain round one WILL NOT DO!) and said, "come on, we're gonna be late for school"

She just throws the bowl. (Translation? She wants the cheese ones)

Well, lemme tell ya, YESTERDAY I had cheese pretzels in the cupboard, but TODAY?? THEY'RE MISSING! and we all know who TOOK the cheese pretzels, but do you think that pretzel-nabbing-skunk can remember where she put them??? OHHHHHH NOOOOOO!! (and trust me, when they're hidden, they are gone for life)

So, she sits her pretty little monkey butt in the rocking chair, folds her arms across her chest, AND REFUSES TO MOVE!

Now, those of you with typical children know that you can reason, or at worst, jerk them up and throw them screaming into the car....but that doesn't work for us. Picking up a temper-throwing child with DS??? It's like trying to maneuver around a 85 pound water balloon!

So, after dodging shoes, having her remove her clothes, and scream at the dog (who has inserted herself into the situation because she knows molly is upset...Add 90 pounds of hair) I finally find a 1/2 bag of Cheetos, stuffed in her drawer.

"Will these yellows do?" as I pour them into afore mentioned Tupperware bowl.

She examines the contents and looks up at me and says..."more"

And I'm thrilled she used her words.

Daddy, on the other hand, is not thrilled at ALL, but both of them are on their way to school, and I have cheese pretzels at the top of the shopping list.

Oh BTW, she threw her blue "has to be back on Monday" folder during this fit and I ran it out to the car, when the dutiful German Shep escaped behind me. Mizzy had decided that SHE was going to attend school with the upset child, even if it meant running behind the Tahoe all the way to my apologies to the neighbors who had the misfortune of witnessing the Kramer-haired woman, with a hair brush, in her (no-bra)jammies, chasing a dog around a vehicle. I'm sure it was a scary sight!

And how was YOUR morning???

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ABandCsMom said...

Okay, what in the world are cheese pretzels? I've never heard of them before.