Sunday, August 24, 2008


The badges are up! Go get the links and get them up all over! Im STOKED about the ability to get the word out. NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

We've been ready to go back to school since mid july. No waiting for "no sales tax" weekends, no making the "one big trip" cuz I work in retail, and I know, if you want it? You had better buying it THE SECOND it comes out....or as molly says i really hate the crowds and never have found the joy in shopping shared by so many of my peers.

First day of school?? Can't find the pencil box. Little pink one i picked up last year, tupperware style,and already full of pencils and colors. WHAT did she DO with it? I've been looking for it for 3 days, and it is NOT to be FOUND!!

This is the one she ended up starting the year with:


I got these personalized for the boys one year at the mall. It is at LEAST 10 years old, and has the wrong name on it...but we needed a pencil box! Oh yes, I DID run in to just buy another one (the sarge thought i was NUTS) but in my small town? THERE WERE NONE! I have torn this house apart trying to find the pencil has just disappeared. That happens alot.

I would like to post a bunch of pics in here of the new baby, or of molly...unfortunately I haven't got to springfield this week. Bill and Angela came home. The boys' father is visiting up there, as well as ally's dad!

I'm going to have to wait for a little more room. Poor kids, they should just install a revolving door! :0

I was looking at the pics in my camera, and was surprised to see they are ALL of the grand-kitty. I think the sarge likes the him way too much, and after watching him interact with bill?? I learned a new thing about him......HE'S A MAN CAT!

I provide the food....but he LOVESSSSSSSSSSSS the men! grrrrrrrr. He's a funny thing, he won't scratch you, but will fly past you (we call him Neo from the Matrix) and mid-air will BITE YOUR BUTT! eek!

I think his 'tude' is why Larry thinks he's OK!

"NO, you big oafs may NOT enter MY house!"


"Thanks for the new toy, Sarge, it's purrrrrrrrrfect"


"Brown Dog? if you even THINK about sniffing me, your NOSE is MINE!!"


I was able to catch a quick video of molly on my computer...she shows off at first, as soon as she sees the camera flip on.....but then focuses on working the mouse. She likes because all the shows are up there in little boxes, and as you run the cursor over them, they
call out their names! the quacking is the dora duck game, which needs click and she just lets it run in the background. She cracked us up at the end because she FAKES typing! I have heard WAY too many comments from my family about who she's mimicking.

We're on vacation this week. (should have been last week BEFORE school started, but things don't always happen the way you hope) and we should be installing the WAY OVERBOARD big-wooden-outdoor-playhouse-swing-rockwall-play center during THIS break!

I know, ive been saying that for 2 years but THIS TIME, it's going to HAPPEN!


The ones in-stock are NOT the ones i want! YIKES! AGAIN!

Oh...lookey comes molly ....she's walking out, and guess what is in her little hands??



We are currently watching the closing of the Olympics. I know about the poor treatment of the Chinese people, the horror of what happens to their babies...I've heard Rush SCREAMING his big boob mouth about WHY the networks aren't reporting on it....

Ya know what? I'm happy that for 2 weeks, the world can come together without screaming about anything, and that the media has minded their manners.(or been forced too)

Maybe, just maybe...SHOWING people how to act by example puts forth a stronger message than SHOUTING at them!


We continue to pray for Ben. The stemcells are in, and now the 'bottoming out' occurs. It will be a few weeks before the grafting shows improvement in his outward health. It is a very scary time. Please remember him, and his beautiful family in your prayers.

cp BenTheBrave

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Nikki~Down syndrome Storyteller said...

You sound way too excited about back to school, lol! I love love love the video of Molly on the computer. What a sweetie! She grabs your heart and doesn't wanna let go.