Sunday, August 17, 2008


ahhhhh yes..a subject near and dear to the hearts of parents
with kids like my Molly Kate....

nakey time

We've been blessed that she doesn't disrobe in public, but I've read horror stories
from other parents. She has attempted occasionally to 'break free' at school, and it's
always reported (Thank God) to me with humor...but the sharp eye of her teacher has prevented any disasters. (thanks Steph!)

The joy of being free of clothing....SOOOOOOO inappropriate in our
world today, yet a pure joy in the eyes of the constant child.

Molly and I went to Springfield this week to take over duties for
the new baby while her parents worked...and early one morning holding miss Aubrey propped-up in my folded knee, one hand trying to hold a camera, the other hand making sure my little "bobble head" didn't throw herself into a tumble...while simultaneously making "those gramma faces" that can elicit smiles from the nearly new born...i tried to capture it.

video!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!....i was so anxious to come and
post the video here, but alas....when watching it i see in the background,
fuzzy from focus but still viewable, my young daughter has awoken from
sleep....gone to the bathroom, and stripped. She's looking for sponge bob
on the television in the background of my awesome shot and??? IT'S NAKEY TIME!!

so no video for you...GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR next time....but take some great
still photos

Here's that smile...this one given to daddy:


Aubrey Jo is constantly monitored, and showered in love from her Aunt Molly Kate:


Her little onsie says "this IS my little black dress" and as you can see, the
interest goes both ways.....


The big ugly babe gets a shout out...and is also well cared for with ALL the goodies
miss Aubrey has amassed!


Molly Kate constantly reminds me that we are human. Pure and Simple,
we are gifts from the Creator. Our bodies by society standards need to be
covered, but Home? home is the place we get comfy. To adults, that would
mean sweat pants and an oversized tee-shirt. To the more 'enlightened"?
Nakey Time!!!

We as a society view nudism as funny, sexual or at worst... shameful. I'm seeing it in a whole new light thru my child.

It just is.

She is totally oblivious to Magazine Covers...cares not what her body fat ratio is,
would RATHER we didn't comb her hair. She does have quite the fashion sense, and
we do argue about some outfits...but primarily over the outfits comfort! (no tight
jeans and too small shirts for this girl! YAY!)

IT'S NOT IMPORTANT...WE SHOULDN'T CARE -That is the message Molly
sends to me. As a society, we pay out millions to alter our features, buy diet drugs,
and on psychiatrists trying to help us cope with the inner-self-loathing we have
for our bodies. Good Health? Oh yea, that's important, but the impact socio-economically that the 'perfect face' and the "perky boobs" seems to be MORE important! Just try interviewing for a job if you need proof!

So we do care.

Everyone cares...except Molly. Molly sees YOU. She doesn't care whether your outfit
came from the Good Will Store or was designed by Ralph Loren. She doesn't care
if your face is scarred from fire, or your hair is gone from Chemo. She sees YOU.

Our Children come directly from the sparkle of God's Eye. They are a reminder to
all of us what He intended when he created Humanity and we should Honor them
for that contribution to this messed-up world. They are the Ultimate example
in so many ways of what we should strive to be.

We shouldn't use the word "retard" to describe something less than the beauty
that is our special children.

Join me in the cause


This week marks more of life in all it's glory and heartbreak.

The Glory
Little Ben's MRI has been viewed by many specialists.

They are preparing for a stem cell transplant which includes a HORRIBLE phase of chemo.
Cancer treatment is always SO devastating to the recipient, and parents Always question
their part in the torture..."Is This Worth the Pain?"

This week we receive news that the tumors? are biopsies on
them can be performed as THEY ARE GONE!


Please continue to pray for them as the walk through the valley of chemotherapy...And Praise
God for a bit of good news to carry them through to Bennie's total healing.

CP BenTheBrave

The Heartbreak

Susan's mom died. Scary because we're the same age. Scary because she was not ill...had no warning. That's 2 in 2 weeks and weighs heavily on the minds of all of us in this small communtity....especially all of us baby boomers.

Susan was a childhood friend of my shauna. I have always adored her. She also,
saw no need for fashion....fought wearing dresses preferring basketball shorts and hi-topped tennis shoes. She was ornery...but in the purest sense of the word, and had that sparkle of humor that made you smile, no matter WHAT situation had just happened. You just know that both her parents raised these children in love and humor.

Her parent were heavily involved in raising everyone's taught 25 years at a rural was a referee for all schools, preferring the younger kids' basketball games. They are founding members of our community, have a blueberry patch open to all, as well as an open door to their home and hearts. BEAUTIFUL FAMILY.

Mom, Rosa Leah, fell ill with what she thought was the flu....turns out it was her heart, and we lost her on Wednesday.....again, totally unexpected.

As Susan and i talked, her swollen eyes turned to her youngest, who was 'cruising' his way to a cookie. I watched little Cooper attempt to sneak the cookie and steal a glance to see if his mommy was watching.... and in doing so the twinkle returned to Susan's eyes.

It was the same twinkle i saw in Rosa Leah's eyes whenever we discussed how all that toilet paper made it into my trees.

So, all of you I love so dearly....Enjoy this it with all the vigor and happiness you can. Cherish each moment....and remember to treat each other with respect.

Regardless on how we look...we all have contributions, we are all worthwhile in our being here, we are all Creations of God.

I'll end with my most favorite quote...I am sorry I don't know the author of it...

"Respectful support begins with the recognition that individuals with disabilities are not abnormal or deficient but, instead, reflect the normal diversity of the human community"

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Look how big that baby is! OMYgosh!

Aysha loves being neked as much as Molly. Now my nephew I guess loves it so much cause he has access to his privates that he likes to put on things, Can we get an Yuk!