Thursday, August 14, 2008

F*** Ben Stiller and his gang of HATE ADVOCATES!

I am pissed beyond words...

I am SO SICK of people not understanding, and hiding behind the 1st amendment
to advocate HATE!

as IF!!

Its like when HITLER defended his quest for the perfect race! Yea, that's right
stiller...i just compared YOU to HITLER!!

Stiller is quoted as saying "he didn't MEAN to offend anyone"


you wanted to make money at the expence of every child who is not PERFECT LIKE YOU!
(and today, I feel blessed that Molly is not ANYTHING LIKE YOU!)

Just the fact that you would PREY on the disabled for A BUCK?? How broke are you?? Or is it
an EGO'd do ANYTHING to see your face plastered all over the media?

What kind of MONSTER ARE YOU????

I WILL NEVER watch ANYTHING these jerks are associated in again!

Not that jerk Ben Stiller, or Jack Black (who should be banned from ANYTHING having to do with children) and their FREAK-BUDDY, TOM CRUISE!!


You just lost a customer and ALSO should be banned from having anything to do with children.


1 comment:

Trish said...

Did you even watch the movie? It was bashing the actors who play mentally handicapped people just to win awards, not actually mentally handicapped people. I feel sorry for your children to have such a close minded and hateful mother. Comparing someone to Hitler? Please.