Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 The Year of Firsts

My first grandbaby

fresh outta the oven

and her first fall on her beautiful
little face


First time watching a life-long committment to love happen.

molly/aubrey 50%

First time to feel my heart explode while gazing
at my baby's baby

this is what a bosom is meant for

First Time moving parents in....first time for me, first time for them.


First time hospitalizing my mother....her first
time in a hospital. A New different kind of
first fear evolving from that fiasco.

First time to face cancer with a beloved girlfriend and her
beautiful, wanted, fought for child


First time to watch a different family journal as they lost their child to cancer.


and another

and yet another


First time to realize that not all children with Down Syndrome recover
from Cancer


First time I realized that each and every one of
us are key to beating this horrible disease that robs families of their children.

First formal swimming lessons:

resized matt

First time to build a play center


First time we missed the Christmas
celebrations due to illness/hospitalization

First time no big kids home for Christmas Day

First time Molly mastered the scooter

First time to walk in and pick out a new car, and just drive it off the lot.

First time to own AND operate a Blackberry.

First time to have a major disagreement in my little, close family.....but not the first time I've prayed that we stay close.....regardless and forever


First real trip to Vegas! made so much better by doing it with GIRLFRIENDS!


First year we didn't tourney bass fish.

First year to come to terms with the possibility of Autism.

Not the first time of celebrating my anniversary, but i stay in first-time amazement that love like this exists and maintains.

2008 has been a fast passing, heartbreaking, joyful, rollercoaster year.. I've met so many new friends, seen new life born...but also experienced
devastating losses, and faced some of my worst fears. Life is dramatic and weird and always full of wonder:


Blessings to all my friends and family....and hopes for a 2009 that is full of joy and devoid of heartbreak. For the times it isn' matter what...just get back up. It doesn't matter how you get there....keep plugging...fight to overcome the bad...and finish strong.

like Nick:


Kathy said...

Thank you, E. (tears) Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like 08 was a whirlwind of ups and downs for your family...hoping that 09 brings more ups and less downs for your whole special family....the folks you asked about are my inlaws (hubby's mom and stepdad) and the dh himself (he has been to one conference that I dragged him to because I wasn't doing Boston solo!). As far as changing my name, maybe you should come up for a visit and see the real chaos before you think I'm that organized of a person :) Happy New Year to you all- our letters are hitting the mail next week, lol!