Sunday, October 12, 2008

We've had a reprieve from autumn....just for the weekend I'm sure. Our season changes for the worst, here, usually on Halloween when the brightly colored trees are hammered with a blasting cool wind and pounding rain. I say usually on Halloween, because that is 'trick or treat' night which is usually ruined! We just got her costume, and are looking forward to my prediction being wrong!

I saw it was snowing in Reno yesterday, so i won't complain about the upcoming rain and REALLY enjoy being outside today!

I will be taking one last dip in the pool, to recover all the stuff molly has thrown in there (i don't know why she does that) at which time we will tack on the new cover...and daddy is actually mowing the lawn this morning!

Miss tactile defense went right out to help. Made it to the garage, took out the push mower, and even though she cannot TOUCH it with her bare hands (the monkey had to do that) she did venture out onto the grass with bare feet! (an amazing feat for her!)

No worries isn't running, she just went and got it from the garage!!


And for the OMG news in my small town...THIS appeared on the southern
hiway coming into town this week...made all the state wide news...


How embarrassing is THAT!! I cannot believe how UNenlightened people choose to remain, and pray that one day this will change. Only then can we reach world peace...when we learn to just ACCEPT people for what they are, instead of fearing it, judging it, and letting it
separate us as a nation and as a people, and instruments of world peace. *sigh* Just when i think we've come a long way, baby....someone has to do this.

Politicians?? you need to stop enabling the haters. I'm not voting for EITHER of you until I start hearing what you ARE going to do, IN DETAIL, instead of the mud you both seem to ENJOY slinging around......

and sara...dear sara (Palin-Rep VP candidate) you broke my heart. I KNOW they told you to fire up the masses.....but you DIDN'T have to DO IT!! You cannot advocate for my child on one hand....and PREACH fear mongering on the other!

You cannot promote world peace, by spreading hate.

DIVERSITY is not limited to our children. Think about it.

Molly is still recovering from the bug...we did not get to go back to school on Friday, but after calling the school, that probably was a good thing. Both her teacher AND her aide were at home. Teacher's daughter had the flu....the AIDE had the flu! Missouri even beat the flu shots!! Hopefully this means we are done with it for the rest of the winter!!

I am still cleaning up the aftermath, Lysol-ing all the common areas....bleaching the appliances, and shampooing the master bed and bath for the third time, trying to get all the peanut butter out of it. Maybe Molly is going to go into Interior she got the urge to turn my bedroom from blue to 'peanut butter' brown!

Daddy isn't seeing budding talent.....he is still just seeing red. It's a good thing she holds the key to his heart!

I think everyone else is recovering nicely in the family...missed seeing them this weekend, but Moll still isn't up to traveling. We may take her first trip out of the house this afternoon to go to walmart and restock(not buying peanut butter again....ever!) pick up more meds, and see how she does with a short trip. I know she's got the cabin fever, as she brought me her bookbag, and her lunchbox yesterday.

Hope this finds yall happy and healthy, and enjoying beautiful weather!! I will leave you with the Larson twins enjoying some time in NYC, the last week before chemo resumes on little Coleman.

Please continue to pray that Mercy and Total Healing is shown to this beautiful little boy and his family, and while we're on the subject of politicians...START DEMANDING A CURE FOR PEDIATRIC CANCER!! 64 kids will be diagnosed next week! it HAS to STOP!! We see lots of pink around...but we're not seeing any GOLD!! Pediatric Cancer has GOT to be ADDRESSED AS LEAST AS MUCH!!


Moonfairy said...

I assumed you were talking to me and I have to say I was startled to see that something I did (typed) upset you so I went back and read some of my posts to see where the miscommunication happened. The only thing I could see was the one where I talk about some of my parenting decisions and where I said I try to teach my kids like they are a cave man, a very SMART cave man! and then I talk about how it's okay to be angry but you need to control yourself and not make everyone else angry around you too.

If that's what upset you then I can understand why after trying to put myself in your shoes and going back and re-reading it. I should have clarified what I was saying more.

You see, when I was growing up my Mom would be suzie sunshine and then out of no where she'd FLY OFF THE FREAKIN' handle! She'd start screaming about everything any of us kids had ever done (sometimes going as far back as five years) to upset her. These rants would go on for hours and then at the end me and my siblings were so bewildered we didn't even know what had happened.

When I said explain things to my kids the way I'd explain them to a cave man, I was thinking along the lines of the movie Encino man where the guy was frozen and they bring him back to life. Then they have to explain a lot of the intricacies of human behavior to him so that he understands that when he does something, it affects someone else and that he has to be aware of that so that he's not hurtful to other people.

The other thing they have to teach him is that when he gets angry that just being angry and screaming at people to vent is scary to people (at least to me) and it creates violence and violent situations.

From reading your posts I understand that you are struggling to find a communication line with Molly and I can't even begin to imagine how difficult that must be. I'm still learning too and trying every day to be a better Mom.

That's all that I meant and I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings in any way. If it's something else, please shoot me a messaage, I appologize more than you know for any pain I caused.

I love you, Sara.

e said...

not you!!



you crack me up!!

im gonna go fix that....oh MAN!!

sara PALIN!! THE VP rep candidate!!!

she got her crowd so fired up with obama terrorist retoric, that people were yelling 'KILL HIM!' 'KILL THE TERRORIST!!'

THAT is what i was referring to!!