Wednesday, October 08, 2008


yaI am JUST about ready to run away from's the update on my family Gabe, got into some bad mushrooms, and spent all of sunday evening/night/monday morning projectile vomiting from the pallet he made on my bathroom Floor. Poison Control called to tell him to get to his dr. and do a liver/kidney check.

Bill drove him home, and Gabe went right into the did the baby, who is congested and fussy now. Ally seems to have been spared so far....(but gabe's whining will probably be getting to her soon...hahahaha)

Bill and Angela both have strep/flu and are flat out and miserable in thier home at Fayetteville, and like me, wishing the toilet fairy would come to the house and sanitize the icky rooms.

Larry is down and out on the couch with the flu, BAD...he keeps waking up and deliriously trying to take out the trash (today is trash day, and i've already wheeled it out to the driveway) dutiful husband that he more time, more time! you would THINK he would be worried about ME!! lmao! Im dripping from the warmth of the house (and the last of my fever) and he's complaining that i have the air conditioning on! Pile on another blanket.

molly is recovering from pneumonia but is on house arrest till we're cleared on friday morning...she missed a field trip (today) to the pumpkin patch. We either get cleared back to school, or she goes to the hospital on friday morning. She is coughing now, something i don't think she has ever done...and that is a good thing! new nebulizer? Priceless! (but still hoping the insurance kicks in a little for it) It came with a mask, and she's actually tolerating that a little better than when i swoosh it into her face!

I think she's going to be even tho her little lungs filled way up...she didn't fever. Maybe that will come NEXT week! EEEK!!Shauna? is glad she is wayyyyyyyyy far away from us...BUT her boyfriend actually dislocated his shoulder requiring an ambulance ride and a 3am dismissal from the hospital this morning!! He was SHADOW BOXING!!

Shauna, this boy is gonna have to toughen up a little, if he's gonna hang with YOUR brothers!! His SHADOW kicked his butt??? Sorry you had such a long night, and then had to get to work!
I'm about 1/2 over it...still fevering and now cleaning up a molly disaster - she took a GIGANTIC SAM'S CLUB sized peanut butter tub, and redid all the walls and carpet in my room. We thought she was napping and both of us took a little rest on the couch.

DO NOT REST with evil children in your home...BEWARE!!

I have made the chicken soup, but need 7-up. Just leave it out there by the dumpster thing...YOU do not want to be ANYWHERE near this house!!

Gotta love being older and having a little germ-carrier in the 2nd grade!! She just adds that little extra something to the WHOLE family!ok, I'll stop whining now...



datri said...

YIKES! Hope everyone gets better REAL soon!

luvmypeanut said...

Ohhhhhhh E you manage to be hysterical even while sick... or is it delirious??? LOL

shadow boxing??? Really? Hmmm...

(((GET WELL VIBES))) sent your way!