Sunday, April 26, 2009

i wanna be like molly

I want to be just like molly sometimes...cuz she is just too cool...not as cool/famous/built as baROCK obama this week....


but still cool...

For instance, if she sees you packing up to leave...she will just excuse herself to her room and a little bear dvd. She doesn't like goodbyes.

She has all the faith in the world that you will be back soon...whether it's me off to work, or her siblings...shauna only gets home once or twice a year....but that's fine. Molly knows they will get together again, soon, and it will be time to PAR~TAY!

She hasn't seemed to notice that gramma and grandpa are not here anymore....they moved out to colorado springs for the summer, and will be back in the fall...but she's not said anything. She knows they'll be back.

This week marks the anniversary of Little Maddy...she was born into SUCH a loving family, with an inoperable heart condition. Like molly, she had down syndrome...but she had to have a transplant to save her life...and NEWS TO ME, "our children" were not eligible for transplants!! EEK!! They loved her till she was 18 months old...and she remains forever 18 months old. Isn't she just gorgeous???


I mention this to 1) honor her and the fight she instilled in me for the rights of our children, and 2)to rejoice in the opportunity she gave me to meet her of THE most beautiful women in the world! Love ya're the BOMB!

That's why i want to be like molly....just having that faith in the reunion...she accepts the fact as much as she knows there will be pretzels in her cupboard. No need to question it, or stress over will happen.

I need that kind of faith.


This week Molly's been putting sentences together for me!! YAY! She calmly announced one morning, when joining me outside to marvel at the beautiful, warm day that was dawning...."Cold, Go Inside" the point...and factual...and hearing a sentence out of her nearly 9 year old mouth caused ELATION in my throat! Daddy heard it too...cuz i was just sitting there..mouth agape, not wanting to scream and scare her out of talking again.... when the sarge sticks HIS head outside grinning and says..."Cold? Go Inside?"

YAY!! I did NOT just dream it!!

So go have a great week, marvel when you can, never take your child for granted...and keep the faith like Molly. Try not to be too sad, or worry about what your children are doing without you there looking over them..... just try to anticipate the reunion>


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