Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter, one week later

Both boys came home for a long weekend! YAY! We cooked, ate, played outside when it wasn't raining, and doted on the baby!



Aubrey Jo, now 10 months, is not just walking but RUNNING!! She is also attempting to talk...she can say MMMMMMMMMMMMMM when you ask her how the cow goes...and MMMMMMMMMMMMMM when asked what Molly's name is. She can bark (how does the dog go?) AND we taught her to MEOW!!

She is currently in the "quick study" mode...imitating everything she sees & hears! Larry was even teaching her his nasal HA HA HA, and the next morning when she awoke fussing, both him and I were making a bee line for her....she amazed us by stopping her fussing, and breaking into a nasally HA HA HA as soon as she saw Larry! cracked me UP! Her IQ has got to be off the charts, she is so bright! She also loves spongebob! Of course, grammy makes sure both girls are never far from him...



Molly, who adores and is adored by Aubrey soaked up the love and attention of her brothers, and was MORE than a little jealous when Bill loved on the baby.


She has been struggling through MAP testing at school...(changes of routines) so it was nice to smother her in the love of brothers again. There was even a bonus when Josh came over! Grammy babysat all the little ones why the boys went to see Fast and Furious! The big family couch is now sleeping a second generation.



(bree, hayden, and mckenna)

Our big news, happened yesterday when I took molly to school. She remains pretty much non-verbal, and misson oriented....meaning when it's time to go, it's time to go....no fanfare, no hugs, no lengthy goodbyes...just GO!

Yesterday, as I dropped her off at school, she opens the car door, side eyes me and says clear as a bell "BYE BYE'

YAYYYYYYYYYYY!! A FIRST!!! I'm so excited i have to stop myself from screaming!! I curb the urge and compose myself and reply "Bye, I love you"

and ?????


i hear her!!

"Lub you too"


Big day for us!

Enjoy your week....do NOT take anything you have for granted!!


Anonymous said...

Molly--I ALWAYS knew you could do it!!!!! CONGRATS to all of you!!!!
Awesome awesome moment(s)!!!!! SOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! :) :) :) :)

OMG Aubrey is getting cuter and bigger by the milliseconds!!!!

Please hug my 2 fave girls,

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. What a great moment with Molly. That is huge and a tear producer. It's those little things, that most take so for granted.

Sarah wants to know if the dog is on the trampoline, she thinks that is so funny.