Sunday, November 16, 2008

Deer Season!!

We have been SOOOOOOOOO busy!

Last weekend both my sisters and their husbands caravanned down here and moved my parents. That's 8 adults and molly all in one house,
and it sounds crazy, but the house is laid out well, and i really didn't stress about it at all. Turned out fine and it was good to visit with my sisters...they have never been here!

Mom and Dad are all moved in...kind of....they brought a little trailer and it's coming in a piece at a time....and we're a little short dresser space.

I would have gone and fixed that, as well as picking up a new office chair (i am currently sitting on an organ bench, in front of a rolltop computer desk...with the keyboard on top, instead of in it's i'm sitting too tall!)
but this weekend? opening day of deer season! Besides the means I'M BABYSITTING!!


Deer Season here is just as big as Christmas! The Walmart was packed all day and nights Wed and Thursday...Friday it started to rain, so all the supplies being met...all the men travel into the woods and set up camp. First the boys stopped by and showed off some new tricks:

Friday night was the coldest it's been all year, and the winds were whipping hard...we even saw some snow flakes saturday afternoon! brrrrrrrr i am so glad I am not in a tent in the woods!

My boys are part of this huge ritual (i kid you not, some of the schools in the area are closed next week so the kids can hunt properly) so THIS weekend I HAVE AUBREY JO!!

Gabe and Bill...have met up with their cousin, dad, Uncle Art from Texas and big brother Josh...and deer camp set up! 3 tags were filled opening day, and rumor has it that Gabriel has FINALLY got a deer! His first NON-SKUNK opening week!

I really needed to work on cleaning and organizing...but Aubrey Jo is in the houseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! and that leaves little time to do anything! My danged BATH go cut short this morning! (thanks for waking her up, molly!) she gets a pass...since she was key in putting her to sleep last night:


So, as i say at work, because I've been late getting there 3 of 4 days...I'm really
adjusting to my new schedule this week....i like to chat with mom in the morning! nottttt working out for me! ha!

Molly LOVESSSSSSSSSS having her g-parents around! AND the baby!! She is the best aunt in the world! She is so gentle with the baby, shares her toys, and even little bear:


Aubrey was 5 months old on the talking up a storm...rolling around....playing with her toes...and drooling POOLS!! (little teefers are starting to work their way out):

She just had some rice cereal with bananas...and
opens her little mouth like a baby bird! she LIKES dat you can tell by her little michelin man legs!

She also has mastered the batting of the lashes at the men, whom she seems to just light up for....and lifts her hands and arches her back when she's ready to be spoiled.

She is all eyes, and soaking up every last detail around her! She will sit for EVER and self-entertain, but when that's's over NOW!

So, if I'm not on the blog thing for a little bit, know that I miss you all...but life has just BLOWN UP here! and im loving every second!


On the prayer front...please go visit
and look up ColemanScott. He is one of a set of 3 yr old twins, and has had a major cancer relapse. He can't take anymore chemo or radiation, so the farm family from Iowa, currently at Sloan Ketteling in scrambling to get on a pill-form test-study, that can be administered at home. They are a lovely family,and the boys are ADORABLE!! They are so undeserving of this tragedy...and VERY deserving of all our time and prayers. We pray for a miracle.

Big hugs to BenTheBrave (also on carepages)...who continues to struggle with the aftermath of treatment....but gets to do it at home also. We pray for his continued improvement,and for Peace for his family.

Scary danged ole nasty beast of a &)*&#@&&* needs to be eradicated! I can't look at my babies here...and even IMAGINE the fear these parents face. Please offer up some prayers for them!

love ya!


rickismom said...

How old is Molly? My DD ricki is 14.

WheresMyAngels said...

Well guess now I have the proof to show DFS. Audrey can find a new home with me as her foster momma!! ha ha she is dang cute.

Why is Gabe a skin head now?

You should head up here some weekend and stay, we could take the kids to Going bonkers, bet Molly would love that.

Moonfairy said...

OMG!!! Is it wrong to want to arrange a marriage between Aubrey and Gage?!?! She's like a little clone (as in the way she's acting right now vs. Gage!) they're like the same baby!! I can't wait to see them play together when they're older! Too funny! Gage is doing the same eye-brow-flirting thing and also doing the same tongue thing...his favorite food so far is applesauce...he shows me this by excessive amounts of trying to grab it away from me so he can shove the ENTIRE container in his mouth...highly amusing! Tell great grandma and great grandpa 'hi' from Colorado...we're helping pat and dale get everything ready for them here! I'm glad everyone's adjusting well and I wish we could have made it out there for the move...maybe you'll meet us halfway to move them out here for the summer? That would be would be good to see you. I'm glad Shauna is making it home for thanksgiving...alyssa isn't :-( we have to wait for christimas for "our" *ahem* big sister to come home...I guess we're lucky in that I have step sisters who are younger and a neice who looks at me like a big sis...but all we have that live here are brothers....that's nice too except for I always thought of brother's a little different then sisters...ya know?