Friday, September 12, 2008

Reflections on 9/12

The day after 9/11.

It continues to be hard for us. The day after the attack on the Twin Towers, The Pentagon, and Flight 93's heroic effort to keep our Nations Capitol safe...we get another call. Larry's mom has
died of a heart attack at home. We did not know about her heart. We still don't know if there was a condition, or if the stress of the day took it's toll on another victim.

I wake this morning, looking forward to my first weekend with baby Aubrey at home with
gramma for the weekend!! I try to push our tragedies out of my head, and go to Coleman Scotts carepage to see how they're doing. Coleman has just had his second relapse to his ripe old age of THREE YEARS.

This is his mom's slant on the day....and it really slapped me out of my own funk. There is a fight to be fought, and we are the contenders! The one fact that JUMPS out at me is:

cp ColemanScott

You can wear a gold ribbon- Tell everyone you know (and don’t know) about the kids in this war. Talk about their battles…Talk about the casualties. Talk about the HEROES. Help bring awareness.

Click on these links…check them out. Don’t think you can’t make a difference, because YOU CAN! We need to start somewhere. Start today. You can stand with us and FIGHT against any more attacks. Together we WILL be heard…we WON’t GIVE UP UNTIL WE ARE!!!

Our kids need a voice in this fight.


Go to to find out more ways to help

Eat at Chili's this month- a portion of their proceeds will go toward Childhood cancer research- Sept 29th ALL proceeds donated.

Do something- anything to help bring awareness to our fight.

Don’t stand frozen because it isn’t affecting you...because it’s too sad, or you’re too scared.

I’m here to tell you, it COULD BE YOU- IT COULD BE YOUR CHILD!

Wouldn’t you want someone to stand with you in your fight?

We took a moment of silence today to pray for the way too many families who lost love ones on 9/11. Our country was forever changed that day. We remember. We honor those who lost their lives way too soon…it was wrong, plain wrong. September 11th- is a day none of us will (or ever, ever should) forget. This post was not made to take ANY honor or importance away from people who lost their loved ones in the attack of 2001.

Sadly, Sept 11 2008 will be remembered as diagnosis day for 46 families (46 kids diagnosed EVERY single day) A 'terrorist' attacked 46 times today, and there are parents standing in shock tonight.Tomorrow it will happen again….and the next day, and the next, and next... until we do something to STOP it. We prayed for the parents who had to bury their children today- an estimated 2,500 kids will pay the price this year …7 each and every day. WE PRAY FOR A CURE!!!

The children of our country deserve it. They need US to stand together and say “ENOUGH”.
Won’t you stand with us?

Quoting the hero Todd Beamer…“LET’S ROLL.”

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