Sunday, September 07, 2008

IT'S DONE! are ya ready to SWING???


Matt said...

Hey Eileen!!
Well it looks like you have been... I mean your family have beeen VERY busy working on that tree house!!! ;-) That is quite the tree house! Im sure Molly the Minnow looooooovess it!
So you have been getting some bad weather from the hurricane. :-/ Man thats awful..
I think that you would be having the time of your life over here. The people are very friendly, the food isnt too bad, and you can buy everything imaginable!!
Well I have to go to school now but I am glad you liked my blog. I will talk to you lateR!

Hite Family said...

Oh E,
It was all worth it in the end, and your projects seem to come together like my families projects, lol!
Ashlie would LOVE to come and play on that and Swing with Molly Kate, Thats Ashlies Fav Past time!