Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Trooper's Special and Butt Water

My house revolves around food. At the end of the day, no matter WHAT happens in our lives, the 'good or bad' meter seems to rest on what kind of meal I whipped up. Times 4 when the boys are at home!

Molly seems to have a tiny stomach and dull taste buds so she eats weird food every two hours.

Vlasic garlic pickles, pretzels (regular and cheese) french fries, plain vanilla ice cream, sometimes plain meat, but NOTHING mixed up (casseroles) and of course the main staple of her life, ketchup and sugar-free popsicles! We sneak supplements and medicines into juice/water/milk as we worry about her nutritional intake. I am thankful she loves fruit, and that it's all IN SEASON now.. yay.

The sarge is a different story all together.

This morning, it's the "Troopers Special". You've seen it at every truck stop you've ever ventured into. Its shredded hash browns, fried up crisp with onions and green peppers, bacon/sausage, or whatever leftover meat you have in the fridge...and served with Tabasco/picante sauce, and biscuits & gravy. There are no eggs involved in this breakfast, as real cops don't eat eggs. (I know, that one?? I still haven't figured out) They do, however, layer on the Tabasco for breakfast!

I believe that it's called the trooper's special, because it would tear an ordinary man's stomach into shreds...but all cops have stomachs of steel. Ironically, they all are on Prilosec or some other type of gerd medication.

He only eats 'weekend' breakfast...just black coffee during the work week....fixes his own light lunch (fruit and cheese)...but supper needs to be big, and it's not complete till dessert is served. His favorite is RHUBARB PIE! Jeeeeeeeeeeze Louise... WHERE does he come up with this stuff??? Rhubarb is seconded only by Key Lime Pie. I have learned how to fix both, and thanks to the now can make the beloved bread pudding. Larry's tastebuds seem to be stuck in the 50's, however his tri-glycerides are stuck in the 300s!!

Besides that, how can an woman, who decided to have a baby in the late years ever expect to lose the weight, when the majority of my time home is spent whipping up delectable dishes?? Thank goodness it's comin on summer, and we can switch to barbequed meat, and farmer's market veggies. It'll be good to get away from the bad stuff.

The sarge is very deserving of the extra effort, however, as he has great husband attributes-ie..he takes out the garbage, knows how to run the vacuum, and LOVES to mow and maintain the grass.

Yesterday, our kickoff to Memorial Day Weekend, it rained solid for a few hours in the early morning. He obsessively kept stepping out to check the grass-moisture level, so that he could jump on the mower at EXACTLY the precise time when it was 'dryer' as oppose to 'damper', grabbed the snake-stick, and got it all done by 4pm. (he timed himself)

I never get that excited about my 'duties', nor do I appreciate enough the extra 'help' I get with them...not as much as daddy does.


We finally have a new lawn growing in the back and *thanks gabe* a new pellet gun to scare off the pigeons, which came out of nowhere to eat the $$$$$$ grass seed buried under the straw! I have NEVER seen a pigeon out here, until the new grass was seeded in...can they SMELL IT?

My puppies are loving the fact that the back yard and new kennel both seem to be off limits and now they're runs now involve the woods around the house and the FRONT yard!

My girlfriends called...we're stealing away some time in October for a mom's weekend-out, and since American Airlines has announced they are gonna DOCK ME for each piece of luggage, it seems that I need to lose 100 pounds before October or fly NEKKED!! That is IF I can decide to buy the 'doubling by the minute' airline tickets!

This gas thing is getting under my skin!...the boat is still tarped (the flooded and dangerous lakes and the fact that it runs on premium fuel) and in the garage, and although I really wanted to get out of here this weekend, I spent $100.00 on gas LAST weekend, to go visit the I think we are going to stay put...and ....*shutter* clean house! BOOOOOO!!! The big event this weekend will have to be the opening of the Water-Park in town....Molly will love it, but only IF it gets warm enough for mommy to sink her white-whaleness into.

I got the new tank to our pool should be here in a week, which is probably one week sooner than the pool will be ready to open. It takes so much work to get up and maintain, but Miss Molly loves it SO MUCH, that we continue the effort! Besides, since we won't be traveling much this summer, we need to make the yard as pleasant as possible!

With that I'll stop my selfish grumbling, and honor our serviceman this Memorial Day. We will do our part to sacrifice our pleasures in their names, as they are giving up WAY more than we are!
We pray for the leaders of these nations to get this conflict under control, and bring our boys home QUICKLY and SAFELY! Special thanks also, to my dad and his WWII buddies...for their contributions to the "big one" ...the one that is quickly fading away in my generation's memory,and almost unknown to todays young soldiers.

Memorial Day Salute to Troops
Oh, and the butt water?

Every since molly was old enough to sit up in the bathtub, she's wanted to suck on the washie/sponge, and swallow the water that they hold...which is GROSS beyond WORDS!

Yesterday I put her in the tub and she threw up her hands, sprinkling bubbles and water drops all over and proudly squealed......



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