Saturday, April 26, 2008

i give UP!!


This is my livingroom. See the purple-dora-foldout-basket-toybox-thingy in the background? She's unloaded and dumped it in the livingroom...and she is just pleased as punch.

She likes it this way.

I had gathered up all of the crap, that should have been tossed, and put in that purple thingy in the spare bedroom. The crap had somehow migrated into there. It has a zipper on it, and since the school reports that she can't operate a zipper, i felt that it was safe until i got time to sort through it.

The school was WRONG!

Most of her GOOD toys have been sorted, binned, and hidden. But nothing ever stays hidden from molly very long. We let her have one bin at a time...and try to make her pick it up and put it away when she's done...and i swear, you would think she'd CALL WELFARE!!


She's happiest when she can just walk around, stumbling on top of them, and playing with them at her liesure! I have actually cried out in pain when impelling a LEGO on the heel of my foot!

It's making mommy very tired, frustrated, and ready to give up on picking them all up again, why? It's just going to look like this again tomorrow!

Unless i resort to handcuffing her to a chair...she is on the move. While i'm picking up the livingroom..she will be redecorating the bedroom...afterall...those pillows, sheets and comforters really do belong on THE FLOOR! it makes it easier to spread out...maybe with some cheetos or pretzels...

Has anyone else ever had to VACUUM THEIR SHEETS???? As far as I know, Jackie O in the whitehouse and i are the only two women in the world that change their sheets twice a day...AND SHE HAD SOMEONE TO DO IT FOR HER!!

I don't EVEN want to talk about her bedroom!!....suffice to say, when i clean...i devote one day, to any particular room. ONE WHOLE DAY! and i'm lucky to see it stay that way for the following week.

I just wanted yall to know that, in case you ever feel like dropping by, and i'm going gaga and there is no where to sit!

This week, she stayed in school all week, with no bugs/flus/sniffles/tornadoes/floods or earthquakes to disrupt it! YAY!

It was a tough week, though, and I'm really not sure what all went on...i just know that Missouri Map Tests were occuring....molly got to opt out, after making it painfully clear that she would NOT participate. I do understand that there was teeth involved in this.

And speaking of...she is short one tooth on the bottom row! where it is, or when it happened seems to be a mystery to all....or they aren't admitting to it. :-) Gotta love the teachers!

At the completion of the testing (which she had to switch rooms to allow the other students to test in peace...and as you other parents know...changing routines is NOT GOOD) all of her class got kicked out of spec ed. rooms... so that they could test the incoming Kindergartners up there!

Hopefully, we'll all be back on track next week. The IEP is set for mid-may, and I'm sure we can count on a whole blog devoted to that, as i cannot stand hearing how the other kids like molly are doing so much better than her! (you cannot compare kids like ours...they are each their own little flower)

I always walk away feeling guilty that we didnt go ahead and have that second baby...sibs seem to spur advancement, and guilty that i am not forcing her to work hard enough at home.

An IEP is the year-end review and planning for next year, and you rarely walk away feeling good about her progress or her schooling. We need to change that.

I still try not to look at the age of what they estimate she is operating at....although that is going to have to start happening, if i'm to make good decisions. They absolutely can not test her for those she won't be tested! They do know, thankfully, how smart she IS! but what they know, and getting it on paper for the state...are 2 different things.

Then of course, we will make the decision to advance her to second grade...or let her stay another year in 1st grade.


So enters spring, and the flurry of the end of a school year. We have signed her up for summer school...and she will continue the T's there (OT/ST)...but summer school is chaotic, and she doesn't understand why it changes so much....still second guessing that decision. (It's classes combined for fun-study...with all lower grades participating, and upper grades get points for helping with the fun-study. Any other student would love it, and there is a big trip to Silver Dollar City at the end for those that keep with it....but molly just doesn't get it! To her its too different to be fun! UGH!)

As an example to the pig-headedness...last night i put some pineapple/walnut/creamy dessert on her tongue to try...i knew she'd LOVE IT! Molly is so against trying anything new...she ran around with her tongue stuck out, until she found a towel, and could WIPE IT OFF!

she's just like daddy. UGH!


I've met some new moms in here, and thru the youtube video..and that's exciting! I like to reach out and take a little bit of the fear out of the new arrivals! WELCOME NEW FRIENDS! (and please forget everything you just read! ha!)

Gabe got all A's and one B for the semester end, and at last check Ally's scare of gestational diabetes is NOT happening..aubrey jo is getting ready to make her final approach to landing. (end of june-4th of july)

Bill got into a scuffle trying to stop a runner! (bail bond skipee) He seemed almost proud of his scrapes! EEK! See bill...there is still a football career for you! NICE TACKLE (that's the fake mommy, trying to be supportive)

And for my prayers circle....

This past week sees the funeral of a 12 yr old who lost the battle with the beast....and the notice of another that the trials they signed up for are not working. They will make the decision to take that 16 month old home with hospice this coming week.


Cancer sux! But we still beg for prayers for all that are involved with it. And if you have the chance to donate? Do so, generously. Thank you.

Now...onto the housecleaning! wish me luck! Hey Sarge!!...where DO you keep those handcuffs????


Anonymous said...
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rylie's mom said...

LOL! Your living room looks like Rylie's bedroom! I'm lucky though because as much as she likes to make a mess, she also enjoys cleaning up!
Thanks for visiting today! Molly is such a cutie pie!

WheresMyAngels said...

Bout time you updated! My living room looks worst than yours!

Kari said...

Your living room looks like my entire basement LOL