Monday, February 11, 2008

"Nothing's Gonna Change my World"

free to good home..2 dogs, 1 cat, and ONE SKUNK!
We're iced in...EEK! this is NOT FUN ANYMORE! i almost walked the 10 miles into work!

I do have a few rental movies, including 'across the universe' the new beatles song operetta, which i've tried to watch 5 times but still am only about 1/2 way thru...(nother story)

So i set molly up with some stuff to do, and bend down to put in the DVD. Of course, i notice a bunch of dust on the glass shelves, and some stuff thrown behind the big screen....the opening song of the movie has now played 15 times...'nothing's gonna change my world...nothing's going to change my world'

I dust...and then pull the TV out to get all the stuff she lobs back there...evidently it's stuff she doesn't want to partake medicine droppers, toothbrushes, alphabet cards and panties.

The sarge comes out and asks where the dogs are. This would usually be one of those redundant questions...except for the fact that little bill had brought the SHITzu home this weekend, and evidently THAT little hairball showed the big dogs how to crawl under the gate and escape.

Normally 80 and 90 pound dogs would not be able to slip out under the gate...unless, of course, they push REAL HARD (in the tone of judy tunuda) and BROKE THE GATE!

Yesterday, they escaped that way and we still do not know how long they ran and what neighbors they terrorized,but so far no phone we're keeping a close eye on the escape artists and have the rigged gate which needs a total rehaul now. Yes, we could actually FIX IT...IF WE COULD GET TO THE LUMBER STORE!!

did i mentioned we were iced in??????

Anyway...we let the dogs in and i tell Larry to grab the crap from under the chaise (more of molly's hidden treasures) while i lift.

"Nothing's gonna change my world"

As soon as i clean and jerk the heaviest piece of furniture known to man...the cat and molly both run under to check it out, while somehow silently instructing one of the dogs to stick his cold nose...well...somewhere that causes ME to start yelping...

I drop the chaise...turn to kick at the offending dog nose, but miss as he has already assumed the "combat-crawling-oh-i-screwed-up-big" slither out of the living room...i think i may have pulled a hammy.

I then proceed to give the sarge the DON'T ASK ME WHY NOTHING IS EVER DONE AROUND HERE!! speech....he starts to laugh, but changes his mind.

Did i mention we were iced in? I'm going full goose bozo...and wait...look, Larry has assumed the same position the afore mentioned dog did and is just getting out of my way!

So, i resettle molly...pick up the rest of her crap, and proceed to dust the back of the TV before pushing it back into viewing position. I can imagine finally getting to push PLAY...when i hear a very odd noise...

could be a siren...kind of bee-eee-eeeping... or maybe sounds like it could be...i dunno, and holler at the sarge to listen, too.

It kind of sounds like a cat...OMG THE CAT!!!!

I run around the house opening closet doors...looking in toyboxes...and answer the sarges' question...'did he go outside?" (he's opening the back door again and calling for the kitty kitty kitty)

"no...the last time i saw him is when we lifted the....OH SHIT!!"

sure larry's doing the cleanNjerk of the chaise....and there is my flat cat. under the 100 pound couch which only clears the floor by an inch!

He seems fine, if you can count EXTREMELY KITTY-PISSED fine.

AT least while i'm relating today's activities to you, molly is playing quietly behind me with her toys....wanna see?


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