Thursday, February 07, 2008

Life! The emotional Rollercoaster!

what a WEEK! and I haven't made it to friday!

I have a day off and it was chilly this morning..

all i wanted was my pink fuzzy slippers, and my robe...what did i get?

The splits!! The splits happened as my first foot outta bed found the dora-magna-doodle, which sent me into the dreaded gymnasitc maneuver! (ow)
I did manage to find one slipper...and then the other bare foot found a well placed lego!!

I get up before everyone else...even on my day off...and didn't want the added joy of giving up my 'mommy alone time' cuz i yelled the rest of the family into my pain imploded only on the INSIDE of my ears!

Seems like a fitting start to another crazy day in another crazy week...lets see, where were we...AHHHHHHH yes, our one day of good snow...then?
The tornadoes came...of course, because in missouri after the snow comes, immediatly comes balmy, hawaain temperatures...these two climates clash...and voila~ TORNADOES!

While the rest of you were basking in snow, we got pounded with the storms...Like a fool, i was driving right into it trying to get home before it hit.
BIG MISTAKE, and not one that will happen again soon. It came upon us alot faster than we expected and i ended up meeting my family, in the neighbor-on-the-hiway's BASEMENT! (so glad he was there with the garage door open, as i don't think i WOULD have made it home!)

The sarge must have got a little freaked by the speed in which it came also, as he was there, holding my little angel/skunk, and she was wearing NOTHING but sweatpants and a blanket! It takes alot to freak him out...and i could tell she was worried, but much better after she was allowed to dump my bag and put on all the makeup she wanted!

We were relieved that storm petered out and veered off on it's platable northeasterly way...but were saddened to see the devistation that it did to our southern neighbors the next morning. I'm bettin it won't take too much talking to get the walkout basement poured, and plans going on my new house!

Then my friend, amy...who has been arguing with docs for the last few months over symptoms that HER little boy (adopted from Korea) has been having, finally had enough and took him to Childrens in LA.

He had surgery immediately after arrival.. to remove a large tumor in his little brain.

Talk about mixed emotions!
SAD over the diagnosis..
and scared to death of his future diagnosises!

Amy lost her only little girl angel (with DS) to a heart defect when baby was just 18 months old...and instead of hiding away from 'that world' ended up endearing herself to us more...and staying close via the web. She is one of the few i will haul myself onto a plane to go visit!

A cancer diagosis in THIS little one is more than one family should have to endure. NOT FAIR (add indignatation to the list of experienced emotions)
Typically being the upbeat woman she is, she let us all know that her baby was sharing a hospital with Britney Spears! That girl can see the silver lining/humerous side to ANY situation! (one of the many reasons we love her)

I got a pic (new ultrasound)_ of my new grandbaby...SHE'S A GIRL!! and Aubrey is HER name! ELATION! she's already beautiful! Gabe is having a moment to "accept that my baby boy has a vagina"

he makes me smile.

Molly Kate is on round 3 of antibi's....first an ear infection...then a sinus infection..and now bronchitis and strep throat! EEK! more time off of school...more medicine...and new worries about getting her health back up to par before we see the pneumonia move in. This is the way it sneaks into our lives every winter....and im VERY worried about that! Humidifiers and Nebulizers adorn the master bedroom....and she hates the meds so much, that daddy has to use some of the 'trooper moves' on her to immobilize her enough for us to get them into her mouth!

Getting them down her throat is another trip in itself.

She is still in good spirits, and amusing us with her new found words...
which she used to only direct at her dogs...

I hear the teachers are not finding it as funny. "hut up" seems to be a dual when she was needing me to step it up a bit this week...she told ME to 'hut up!' (shut up/hurry up)

Beings she learns these things from her father, and certainly NOT from ME! he's in trouble....He's in trouble cuz she's not saying 'i love you' ....which would be the best valentine's day present i could ever wish for!

I had to laughed as she came home from school today...

she runs in the house...IMMEDIATELY disrobes..runs over and shakes her pony tail at me ('take my hair down" is another phrase we are working on...but JEEZ MOM! DONTCHA UNDERSTAND THE HEAD SHAKING???)
Words are such a waste of time to her.

Then she gets a popsicle and fires up the dvd of choice (sponge-bob, dora, little bear, or charlie brown) She sits and relaxes and looks satisfied that she's made it through another day....kinda the way I look when i get home from work!

Gabe and Ally are struggling to make the move from one apartment to another, from college kids to parents, and from singles to commited relationshippers.
They are doing very well and I'm extremely proud of them...both are still working hard and BOTH are still attending classes!! I found a little onsie today, that we bought for molly, when she was a is college colored, and has the college logo on it. Some things are going to be fun to pass down....

Little Bill is coming home this weekend, Larry has a class in Winona on Saturday, work has decided to schedule me for the 'radio meeting' night (which means molly will have to attend the radio meeting)..and the college kids are disappointed that i can't be THERE this weekend...i can't wait for cingular to develop the ability for me to duplicate myself (like in the commercial) so that i can be everywhere, for everyone...but for now i'll try to continue to juggle everything....

and JIGGLING everything!

After 2 weeks of severe dieting and some exercise...I LOST ONE FRIGGIN POUND! (FRUSTRATION!!) I was joking with a girlfriend that my butt seems to be the same size as my computer chair!!! (go figure!)

My advancing age (and it moves in milliseconds after a certain age) and the move from the floor to back behind the pharmacy counter are catching up with me... I know it'll take some serious sweat to work it off...but i WANT to be LAZYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!.

So there is my week of tragedy..elation..anger...satisfaction and fear of the unknown...all mixed in with a few appliance breakdowns (microwave and $tove)

It's also why i hit my knees every chance i get. HEY...lookey what i found WHILE on those knees!


The other slipper! filled with a silver beaded necklace!

Awwwwwwww she left me a present in my slipper...and im SO GLAD it wasn't another LEGO!

Love you guys

*I am thankful that my husband did not make me go shop today, and faked being pleased with spaghetti!*

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