Sunday, December 03, 2006

Weird Missouri Weather

Thanksgiving week, we closed the pool and set up the Christmas tree in the same day, bare foot and in shorts! It was a balmy week of 80 degrees and I was in heaven!

This week, we had our first major storm plow through. I spent a fortune on food and projects to do while iced in, and then we lucked out and were jussssst far enough south NOT to get it! We are however suffering through some of the coldest temps we've seen in awhile. Shauna out in DC, is 30 degrees warmer than us now!

Today, we finally bought the big screen. To everyones dismay, not LCD(sorry gabe) but the rear projection DLP, which would net us more screen size for what we wanted to invest, plus more longevity. Im not sure how it looks, and the sarge is still struggling with putting the stand together while trying to watch the chiefs!

Molly Kate brought home a note from school. She did the big job on the toy toy!! YAY! She is being so stubborn about training....1/2 pure mule, and 1/2 is just shyness!! Who wouldnt NOT WANT people in there cheering on such a private thing! poor kid.

Shauna was home for T-day, but not the boys...hoping for a bigger housefull for Christmas....but mama has to realize that everyone has lives, and both the boys have 'significant others' who also have needs. *sigh* Bill made it home for deer season, and we go to Springfield to see gabe, so at least Molly was THRILLED! Seeing her sibs is the highlight of her life!

We are busy preparing the house for the season (it's so much more fun to do with Molly helping...she is SO busy with the tree decorating, which i'm sure will last all month.) And really looking forward to a New Year...the end of this one has been so full of tragedy...I'm ready to be done with it, and move on to some fun.

My friend and Confidant lost his marriage after many, many years.....and I see him struggling so hard with his decision. All my prayers are with him, as well as my friends from 'the room' ....the place where my girlfriends are.

There are 2 dealing with serious health issues with their 'angel babies', one dealing with her own health issues as well as those of her children, and my bestest bud...who has the world on her shoulders right now, with the beast attacking her sister-in-law, and struggles with relationships of her own.

Kind of vague i know....but still close in my heart and thoughts....amazingly enough, ALL of them were there for me last month, as we dealt with the awfulness here. What great friends i have!

Walmart is just simmering...we've seen some demonstrations, heard rumors, and i feel like come january my job is gonna be ripped right out from under me. I saw that Ford motor did the same thing this month. I hope that the payouts, or 'severence' that they offer is as good as's tough working among the tension, rumors, and split between management & well as the split between old time associates & the new hires. I really think the Home Office is screwing up with this whole plan. Time will tell.

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