Thursday, November 16, 2006

On a high note, I'm back from Chicago, and had a FAB time with my little girl, who was sworn in by the Ill Supreme Ct!! I finally got to meet her friends and classmates (who were AWESOME) and some of their parents!

My heart does break a little, for this young woman, as she tries to balance love, life, and a new career in a foreign city. She is flying home from D.C. for Thanksgiving, and I hope to fatten her up a bit, and let her rest with no worries.

Mama's house=No Worries. It's usually messy, but filled with laughter, and warmth, and the best place in the world, to take an all day nap induced by a huge meal.

On the sad side of things, we are just recovering from Double Funerals 2 weeks ago, of friends and daddies of two little girls that go to school with my molly. Today, I join our entire school district, to bury one of the daddy's wife.

Miss Vicky went into the hospital, the day after we buried her husband. She never came home. A frail woman, she could not recover from the grief. It seem to engulf and eventually kill her.

Miss Vicky taught my oldest three children, in the first grade. We have known each other a long time. Since both of us found the 'love of our lives' late in life.....AND chose to have a child in this new love, we became friends again. We shared the disgust of having people gossip, and THEN have the gaul to ask us about our 'grandbabies'....we shared the kinship of the miracle of love, that only us two understood.

Today will be difficult for me, more tragic than the Wall of Shock that hit with the boat accident. She was only 45.

And a little 6 year old girl, has to try and understand death, being orphaned, and moving in with papa and mama.

Big week, and if anyone out there has an extra prayer or two for this family....please do what you can to ease their grief.


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