Wednesday, August 29, 2007

ok...ive been neglecting this sue me. i have MYSPACE! but now that the newness has worn off, i realize that i also need to hit here..and maybe stumble onto a few more mom's (tag downs syndrome) which is my main focus in life!

Finding the new moms...letting them know it's gonna be ok...and keeping up with the experienced mom's...and LOOKING FOR HELP!!!!!

This marks our first weeks of school, and it's going DOWNHILL FAST! Evidently, miss molly kate has realized that she will NOT be returning to miss sisco's kindergarten class, and WILL be staying in ms white's 1st grade class, AND SHE IS NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT!

This, of course, would be communicated in MISS STINKY PANTS! Hitting..pushing...and throwing.'s just started, and she DOES have the remainder of a nasty cold, so hopefully, with a little time and patience...this too shall pass. I'm thinking though, that for their protection, it's all the OTHER kids that need to wear helmets! ha!

She's also switched from ONLY sponge bob...back to the wiggles. Maybe it's not by accident...maybe she's trying to 'get back there' to the time when she wasn't expected to go potty in the toilet...or go to school....or get up early. Maybe it's what we ALL want sometimes.

On the 'others' updates. Bill and angela are currently on a Carnival Cruiser with bill's brother Josh, and his wife....on the way to cozumel. He's been saving two years for this trip...and im SO proud of him!

Gabriel is back in college...although i know it's stressful as he's acting out, also....but calling ME and raging instead of pushing the kid in class! UGH! Half of me wants to run and help both of them...the other half knows that some things?? they just have to work out for themselves. We'll see which half wins this week.

Shauna is rarely seen, and not often heard from...she's taken a new position with the DOJ, as a prosecuting litigator...and the hours are long and hectic. *beam* Her run-in's with pimps are a little unsettling..but not too, as i could hear her SPARKLING, as she recounts them to me! Yep, she's pumped!

The sarge, i think, enjoyed me being least he ate better during the day! I really want to retire...but am too chicken. Besides...i like to spend my money...and he doesnt like to spend sure it would end up being one of them bones....

I took the summer off, and tried to get my missy ready for 1st grade...but mostly got fat and soft. I am not good at home...too comfy.

Nice to see backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


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