Wednesday, October 05, 2005

good morning

finally getting back in here!! we've been so busy, enjoying the onset of fall. Got some fall bulbs purchased (but not in, yet) closing down the pool, finishing up innoculations, getting into the routine of a school year ...and you know, with us, that school, college, and kindergarten...heheheheh...and trying to get ready to lose this fabulous summmer...

we have one more day of warm, and then the cooler weather is rumored to start down...there are pumpkins and mums in the front yard, on a haybale, with a scarecrow stuck in it.....a jack-0-latern in the front window, and little ghosts in the trees....

im up early, enjoying don imus' bad mood, and wondering how he keeps all his friends...i notice not a word from bernie....they are all cowering...crazy at is seems...between him and jon stewart, i seem to be able to decipher all the news of the day, in a more sane way. That doesnt say a whole lotta good, about all the news of the day....

my uncle don is in salt lake, and was just put on a afraid he's lost his battle, and im sorry that my dad has to go through the loss of another sibling...our family has been so unscathed by any tragedy...and this year, with bury two of the remaining 7....this is my dad's YOUNGER im sure that makes it doubly hard on him...i hear him wanting to be there, but afraid to go and look death in the's so heartbreaking, and the mortality of parents and uncles, are leaving a lasting impression on me, also.....sometimes this 'circle of life' majorly!

ive always said...i really think, hell is here on earth...and heaven is when you get to stop it...kinda like when you stop banging yourself in the head with a ballpeen hammer....

my smoking is still happening...(even though ive enjoyed the wonderful benefits of trying to stop, like eating my co-workers alive, and gaining 25 pounds)

and after the wonderful day at walmart world i had yesterday..ill probably keep on puffing!...ugh. I cannot WAIT to retire from this job, and do something else...they are sucking the life right outta me!!

they cut our i agreed to pick molly up from school, and let the sarge run around with his bud, and do man things for the day (poor guy) and as i left the store, it was rumored that we were to have a visit from our regional!! i knew the rumor must be true, because all management was frothing at the mouth.

i noticed our fearless leader was again, unseeable....if you're there'll catch him touring, but you never see him again....i should have such a job

Im glad i got to slip away would not have surprised me, if they would have made me stay, and held it against me, if i refused so as not to leave my child stranded on the street....they don't seem to understand those responsibilities.....and i worry about their children.

anyway...ill start back on the nicotine patches tonight...if i can get them bought, which seems to be the only hold up so far...having the strength to stay ONE MORE SECOND in that store, longer than i need to!!

plus the fact, that i hate seeing ole beady eyes, in my former position.(i miss the work of the pharmacy, but am glad im outta that one) ...staring and making her little barbs

I stopped to see one of my FRIENDS in there the other day...and ole beady, just about fell OVER herself...getting to me, thinking i had a script to drop off (fat chance)...she was so embarrassed, that she couldnt pull back.....all i can ever think of , while im ignoring her, is the phrase 'bitch slap'....:-)

the bad thing about making the decisions to change pharmacies, on principle of course, with me, it's always about principle's the fact that my new pharmacy, has not an Rx right, yet...last month, they misfilled my levothyroxin....not a big deal..but wrong anyway! you just can't have consistant wrongs in a pharmacy, and they are definitely consistant!! ill have to move again...and it's a small town, so there isnt much move space available!!

im going to make it happen (the smoking, not the bitch slapping)....i tried the hypnosis, (don't waste your money), but it did help me realize that there is going to be no easy way to accomplish this....but i know it has to happen, and it has to happen now!

wish me well, ill keep you posted, and you'll probably get sick of my rambling, once the weather turns, and im stuck in the house....bored outta my mind, and i move into my blog page!!


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